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Minimum is a free-to-play shooter set in a uniquely stylized universe, where flaming katanas and 5-barrel rifles fit together in a collage of endless content diversity. 

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I love shooters. My first venture into online gaming was Quake and Unreal Tournament and I loved every minute of it. The genre has evolved a lot over the years by adding qualities like customization and multiple game modes, but the core gameplay has remained due to the long-lasting fun it brings. MOBA games like League of Legends really capitalize on character and item customization so it feels natural to combine the two genres in the hopes of making a fun game. Minimum is taking a step forward by mixing the MOBA genre with twitch shooters and at the same time taking a step back to a simpler art-style that really makes the game pop amidst a bevy of contenders. Minimum brings a few new twists to a classic genre with a unique art-style along with some powerful MOBA elements that... Read Review

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    Minimum Review: Maximum fun

    Jon Trevisani Sep 14, 2014