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Minecraft revolves around one simple principal: survival. The game is split into day and night cycles. During the day, you spend time gathering resources, whether it be searching for ore, digging holes, fishing or planting crops. Night is spent either indoors, mining underground tunnels, building tools or running around outside being chased by monsters.

Minecraft Review

By its definition of an open-world concept, there’s no wrong way to play Minecraft. It’s probably not wise to venture into the Nether world until you’re “of age,” but you can certainly do it. Just as you can disturb underground mazes, home to Cave Spiders and Zombies. Or tour small villages where jerkish Skeletons are on regular patrol, keeping everyone house-bound. There’s also no wrong way to experience Minecraft (barring Minecraft: Story Mode, which is something on its own). This is a game where there is no stigma associated with playing it any way other than its established form, and a Wii U iteration isn’t going to change that. Some titles originally on a competing platform have undergone changes or been buffed with content upon... Read Review

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