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Screenshot - 866791


Brink is a visually and thematically unique shooter. Feeling like an expansion upon other team-based shooters, Brink blurs the lines between single p Read More

Mindjack Screenshot - 866764


Mindjack is a unique shooter with a distinct development history. For a third person shooter from Japan with a cover system, it would be easy to call Read More


E3 2010: Mindjack Preview

Mindjack is a shooter that not only lets you take down enemies with bullets, but with other enemies that you can "jack" into. The game from developer Feel Plus has a main focus of not only controlling your player, but other soldiers, mechs and creatures. In addition, the game also has a multiplayer focus, having many users control characters in the story mode. Read More

Screenshot - 866690

MINDJACK E3 preview

The build was early and multiplayer only, but Mindjack offers an intriguing entry for Square Enix/Eidos int the first-person shooter genre. In spite Read More