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Midway Arcade Origins Review

I've always said video games need to be harder. Aside from a select few titles, many games these days opt for a more narrative, story-driven approach and less of a difficulty approach. Thankfully, WBIE has provided us with Midway Arcade Origins, a game that bundles 30+ titles that were released from the early '80s through the mid '90s, to remind us of a time when games were designed to kick our a**. The collection gathers 31 different classic arcade games, of all types and genres, into one simple bundle for $29.99. The games range from iconic titles like Joust and Rampage to some that may be a little more obscure to the casual gamer (Root Beer Tapper anyone?).  Needless to say, if you are getting this game, it isn't for the in-depth gameplay and marvelous... Read Review

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