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He is the legendary King of Pop! In this game, players step into the shoes of Michael Jackson himself and re-live his most iconic performances through their own singing and dancing. The game includes the most famous tracks from Michael Jackson's extensive catalog such as Beat It and Billie Jean, as well as an array of his awe-inspiring dance moves for players to learn and emulate within the game. Additionally, fans can sing along and test their vocal skills while immersed in the performance.

Michael Jackson: The Experience Review

When Michael Jackson passed away, the world was in shock. The impact Jackson had on the music industry was huge, and judging by what the documentary This Is It showed, his comeback tour was going to be a hell of a show. Alas, all we have now are the memories of his performances over the years, from light-up floors to Smooth Criminal battles. Ubisoft tries to replicate the King of Pop's legacy with its latest dancing game, Michael Jackson: The Experience, but awful controls and questionable presentation make it feel like a missed opportunity, rather than a tribute.You'll have over 20 of Jackson's songs to choose from, including some hits from his earlier days and more contemporary favorites. The songs are always a joy to hear, including "Thriller" and "Smooth Criminal," which are still... Read Review

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