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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats

Unlockable Arenas

Unlock Nintendo DS
Compression Chamber play 4 local games
Council Chamber play 16 local games
Elder Passage play 18 local games
Fault Line play 22 local games
Fuel Stack play 20 local games
Gateway Arenas Land on a new level in single player
Harvester play 12 local games
Head Shot play a four-player match
Incubation Vault play 6 local games
Oubliette Beat the second form of the final boss
Outer Reach play 10 local games
Sanctorus play 2 local games
Stasis Bunker play 40 local games OR a wifi game
Subterranean play 8 local games
Weapons Complex play 14 local games

Unlock the Record Table

Unlock Nintendo DS

Beat the game once to unlock the Record Table. The table shows the top times achieved in Adventure Mode; total game time and the final boss times. It is accessible from the Main Menu.

Sound Test In Options

Unlock Nintendo DS
Sound Test Beat Gorea's second phase

License Unlockables

Unlock Nintendo DS
Alimbic Symbol in Hunter License Beat Adventure Mode while getting under 100%
Border You have to have played over 500 games, Wi-Fi or local.
Golden Border Play over 500 games, WiFi or local, while keeping a 5-star rank on your liscense.
Octolith Icon 100% scans when you complete the game

Hunters License

Unlock Nintendo DS
Rank 1-Bounty Hunter 0-39 Multi-Player Points
Rank 2-Super Hunter 40-139 Points Multi-Player Points
Rank 3-Elite Hunter 140-389 Multi-Player Points
Rank 4-Master Hunter 390-749 Multi-Player Points
Rank 5-Legendary Hunter 750-MAX Multi-Player Points

How to Unlock the Hunters

Unlock Nintendo DS
Kanden Defeat Kanden for the first time
Noxus Defeat Noxus for the first time
Spire Defeat Spire for the first time
Sylux Defeat Sylux for the first time
Trace Defeat Trace for the first time
Weavel Defeat Weavel for the first time
Bronze 25 Total Wins
Gold 200 Total Wins
Silver 100 Total Wins