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Conduit Sequel Confirmed in Nintendo Power

The original Conduit made as much of an impact on Nintendo's multiplayer services as Metroid Prime Hunters made in back in 2006. With information surfacing prematurely from Nintendo Power, Wii fanatics have learned that a second Conduit is on its way, and it looks to repair the issues of the original while driving the series into a new environment. The Conduit sold mediocre numbers, but High Voltage says that they met expectations. Despite High Voltage's middle-of-the-road sales, many gamers who picked up the title came away from the experience disappointed with one of Wii's only first person shooters. Modifications against the terms of service and game hacks plagued the game since just weeks after the release, and the campaign was lacking (sounds like Metroid Prime: Hunters). High Voltage has mentioned that they will focus on improving the multiplayer, but is that enough to bring back Wii gamers who were dissatisfied with the original, or will High Voltage have to consider bringing the series to an alternate console, such as the 360? Read More


Nintendo Working on Metroid Prime Hunters Sequel?

The Metroid Prime trilogy may have been completed, but it looks like the hunt may be just beginning. In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Nintendo's main man of Metroid Kensuke Tanabe confirmed that the company is working on new Prime games, and that "depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility of realising it on DS or DSi." Of course, the Metroid Prime series also saw a multiplayer-focused edition hit the DS with Metroid Prime Hunters, so a new installment of that could certainly be in the works. Still, I think there's a different DS Metroid game that we'd all rather see. Read More


Metroid Prime the Citizen Kane of Video Games?

When I think of the Metroid Prime series, certainly the first thing that comes to mind is not the highly regard film, Citizen Kane. With completely different plots and nearly nothing in common on the surface, I was a bit surprised to hear that ABC News was making this comparison. According to the report, the "dark and lonely" atmosphere that puts combat second to exploration is a common thread that runs through both experiences. The sense of mystery and discovery are also characteristics that remain true for both Citizen Kane and Metroid Prime. Though there are definitely some similarities between the two, I can't help but feel ABC is making a bit of a stretch on this one. What do you think? Read More


Rumor: Retro was Working on a New Zelda, But Now They're Not

Interesting little tidbit I picked up on earlier today. There had been a bit of stirring from IGN that Retro Studios, developers of the acclaimed Metroid Prime series of games (excluding Hunters and Pinball, of course), were working on a new Zelda title in some capacity more than a year ago, but abruptly halted work on it. The reasons for ceasing their efforts remains unknown. IGN was apparently confident in their sources enough that they came close to publishing it on their site, but they never pulled the trigger. Now, on the recent Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, IGN has reaffirmed that Retro Studios is no longer working on the game. I must admit, the nature of the project and capacity of their involvement has me intrigued. Might this have been a move towards Miyamoto's dream of a first-person Zelda? Read More



From the team that brought us Dementium: The Ward, Moon is the DS' first big title of 2009. Read More


Key Programmer from Nintendo Blasts Off to Microsoft

Shacknews has reported that Colin Reed, a long-time programmer for Nintendo who has worked in key roles on such titles as Metroid Prime: Hunters as Technical Lead and Pikmin as Main System Programmer, has left the company after 11 years to join other former Nintendo employees next door at Microsoft. There, he will be joining the team responsible for Forza Motorsport, a racing-sim series headed up by internal studio Turn 10. Up to the time of his departure, Reed had been working on an undisclosed project for Nintendo. This of course comes just after the recent departure of three high-profile staff members from Retro Studios, who created the Metroid Prime series. Read More


See You Next Mission

EDITORIAL Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is here and we’ve finally had some time to sink our teeth into it. It’s a truly... Read More