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Metroid: Other M Review

When Samus Aran picks up a distress call from a Galactic Federation space facility known as the Bottle Ship, she investigates and becomes involved with a conspiracy that ties together 1994’s Super Metroid and 2002’s Metroid Fusion with just a dash of 1991’s Return of Samus in the Nintendo / Team Ninja co-production, Metroid: Other M.  Reinventing itself yet again, the Metroid franchise leaves its Prime first-person exploration phase behind to become an intriguing 2D/3D hybrid with both third-person and first-person elements.  It’s all wrapped up with a divisive storyline that either brings closure to some of the events of Samus’s life or takes an unexpected left-turn into bizarre territory depending on one’s perspective.  Are the aspects of Other M that inflame the angry fans that much of a dealbreaker?   Is Other M worthy of the Metroid lineage and, most importantly, is it fun to play? Read More


Podcast: Kombo Videogame News Team 5 - Shooters Shooting Things

We are late. This episode was supposed to be up last week, but due to some technical difficulties the editing took some time. However, good news, we didn't have to edit out some of Michael Rougeau's blabbing about his opinions on Halo: Reach. That comes in this episodes third segment which focuses on the events that Rougeau and Jeff Grubb attended for Halo and Black Ops, respectively.  In what we've played in the last seven days a Canadian talks about NHL 11, Jeff has more Dragon Quest IX, and Michael has played about 2 hours of Metroid: Other M.  Then in the news we have last weeks big stories. Get in on the action below. Be sure to subscribe and rate us on iTunes. Download this episode (right click and save)      Read More


Sakamoto Talks More Metroid, Hayashi Comments on Developing for Wii

Following Nintendo's E3 press conference, Wired Game|Life was able to catch up with Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto, left, and Team Ninja's Yousuke Hayashi in order to discuss Metroid: Other M and more. Over the course of the discussion, Sakamoto is asked about the possible continuation of the handheld titles on the DS, or the Retro-helmed Prime series. See his response after the cut. Read More


E3 2009: Nintendo Spills Beans on What to Expect from Metroid: Other M

In speaking with Nintendo's long-time developer of 2D Metroid titles, Yoshio Sakamoto, and Team Ninja head Yousuke Hayashi, Kotaku attempted to learn as much as they could about the upcoming collaboration, Metroid: Other M. That's not to say they found out everything they wished to know, but they did manage to find out a few juicy details which may sate some Metroid fans until the next time Nintendo says something to the public about it. Read More


Week-Ending Game Endings - 06.05.09 - Super Metroid

For this week's Week-Ending Game Ending, it was a tough choice. I wanted to do something which relates to the E3 we had, which-- in my opinion-- was pretty darn good. But what? I considered the ending to New Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Galaxy, but those are still relatively recent and strong sellers; I'd rather not spoil anything for anyone there. What if E3 and the surrounding talk inspired someone to run out and pick up either title? And then I look at the trailer for Metroid: Other M, which takes place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, and features a familiar scene from the end of the former and favored game. And so, I decided that would be perfect: Now, the question remains of the context of the scene in the Other M trailer. Is it just a flashback cutscene? That seems like the most simple, logical answer. But then, what if Team Ninja were to take a cue from Konami and Koji Igarashi's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and make the final encounter of that game the opening gameplay sequence of Other M? Just imagine, playing the climactic battle of Super Metroid all over again, only in 3D... is that something anyone would be interested in, though? Or is the experience better left untouched, and remembered most as it was originally made? Tell us your feelings on the matter, should you have any, in the comments. Read More


E3 2009 Media: Metroid: Other M Screens and Video

Nintendo raised the roof and the stakes at E3 earlier today by reaffirming that they have not abandoned the hardcore, and did so by teaming up with what one might consider one of the more hardcore developers in the business today. They have joined forces with Tecmo's Team Ninja to bring us Metroid: Other M, which appears to be a third-person action game with some first-person elements, which harks back visually to the 2D Metroid titles, perhaps giving series fans what they may have first imagined when word first came that Metroid was going 3D (but before it was revealed to be a first-person adventure). Little is known of the story at present, though from the trailer, it seems to take place early in Samus' bounty-hunting career as a man presumed to be "Adam," as referenced in Metroid Fusion, refers to Samus as "Lady." Three screens await in our gallery, giving us a good look at what's to come. And check out Samus bulldogging that one alien; Samus, meet alien. Alien's face, meet the floor! Read More


Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Remakes Super Mario Land's First World

The creators of the Super Mario fangame "Mushroom Kingdom Fusion," which we've spoken of a few times in the past, have updated their YouTube Channel with their latest character addition: "Classic Mario." This is basically Mario as he appears in the original Super Mario Bros., and here, he controls the same way, too, and is only allowed a handful of power-ups. They show him going through a remake of the Birabuto Kingdom of Super Mario Land, which first (and last) appeared at the launch of Nintendo's original Game Boy handheld, way back in 1989. And in addition to new graphics, this version has some snazzy remixed music as well. Check it out: According to the YouTube page, "Since Mario in SML1 is styled after the 8-bit SMB1 Mario, this video depicts an almost straight up remake of the classic World 1 of SML1." Read More


Random Video of the Day: Super Mario 64's Great Mushroom Chase

Sometimes it's easy to get bored with playing a game the way the developers made it. In some games, this leads to "emergent gameplay," which is where players basically create their own goals within a game that aren't necessarily part of the goals that were in mind when the game was created. In fact, Retro Game Challenge seems to be built upon this very concept, offering specific rules and stipulations which lie outside the normal boundaries of the games featured within. Read More


See You Next Mission

EDITORIAL Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is here and we’ve finally had some time to sink our teeth into it. It’s a truly... Read More