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Metro: Last Light | "Faction Pack" DLC

This add on includes three original single player missions, each casting the player as a different specialist from the warring factions -- the Red Line, the ...

Metro: Last Light | Mobius Trailer

Deep Silver and 4A Games, development studio and creator of Metro: Last Light today released an extraordinary game asset, the Mobius trailer. Alexander Berez...

Metro: Last Light | Release Trailer

Metro: Last Light is a first person shooter developed by the Ukrainian studio 4A Games. In the year 2034, a nuclear war has turned the world into a post-ap...

Metro: Last Light | Redemption Trailer #3

Anna, the Spartan Order of Rangers’ top sniper and daughter of their uncompromising leader Miller, talks about the hope of the survivors that rests on Artyom...

The Recap - 12/14/12 'Crysis 3, Metro: Last Light pre-orders, Steam Market expands and Valve adds Steam game guides'

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the days biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games. The Seven wonders...

Metro: Last Light | Genesis Trailer

It says in Genesis that God created the world in six days, but in Metro: Last Light – the sequel to the critically acclaimed, cult-classic Metro 2033 – it on...

Metro: Last Light E3 2012 Gameplay Demo - "Welcome to Moscow"

Metro: Last Light rocked E3 2012 with this stunning live gameplay demo, earning over 20 E3 nominations and awards in the process. Now you can watch the entir...

Metro: Last Light 'Teaser' Trailer

Metro: Last Light takes you back to ruins of the Moscow metro system in this teaser trailer.