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A Look at PlayStation Move's Third Party Support

Sony's Move was revealed at GDC with some first party offerings. Third party support, apparently, is strong as well. Sony announced some of the companies that have planned support for the system's motion controller. On the list are some recognized names, but what types of games can be expected from the rest? How about a recent track record for the lesser known third party companies involved? This list will take practically days to read, so enjoy it. Read More


"Free Your Avatar" Contest Winner DQ'd for Living in Canada; Gets Consolation Prize An

You might remember that almost two months ago, we posted a contest that Microsoft was holding to celebrate their new "Free Your Avatar" program. Kombo reader Dexter "Dex" Barcellano does, as he took the initiative to enter the contest, only to run into a bit of a snag. See, Dex not only entered the contest, but he won as well, and the grand prize at that. But as it turns out, only those living in the UK, France, and Germany are eligible. Read More