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Metal Slug XX - Feature

Metal Slug XX

Metal Slug XX Boxart

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Modern Warfare 2 Inexplicably Unlocks SNK Games

To some people, finding glitches in games is a full-time activity. To others, it's something discovered by chance. Some people keep the discovery of said glitches to themselves and use them to their own advantage. Others plaster them all over the Internet at the earliest available opportunity. Here's a doozy that's been doing the rounds today. Someone discovered that launching one of several SNK Xbox LIVE Arcade titles whilst running Modern Warfare 2 temporarily unlocks the full games. Details after the jump. Read More


Xbox LIVE Arcade Enjoying Growth Spurt

Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment LLC, whose acronym "FADE" is far cooler than their actual name, have been forecasting and analyzing Xbox LIVE Arcade's takings. On the whole, things are looking good for the service, despite last month being a weak one. Hit the jump for some number-crunching. Read More


Jet Set Radio may be grinding its way to Xbox Live Arcade

Hot on the heels of the latest rumors of Dreamcast games making their way onto Xbox Live Arcade comes the above screenshot of Smilebit's 2000 roller blading game Jet Set Radio appearing in Microsoft's online store. The screen shot first surfaced on French website Spirit Pixel, according to Destructoid. Hit the jump for some speculation. Read More


Metal Slug XX Coming to North America, with Pants

SNK's popular Metal Slug series is making its way to the PSP with Metal Slug XX, a port of Metal Slug 7 for the DS. The game features Ad-Hoc multiplayer, and six playable characters. You'll also be able to download a seventh, Leona, who has her own unique moves, for just 99 cents. Also, Atlus, who is publishing the game, has a bit of a surprise. Those who comment on the game's page have a chance to win a poster or a pair of Metal Slug boxers. Yes kids, you get underwear. Yay! The game is set for release on February 23, for an MSRP of just $19.99. However, it appears to be a UMD-only release, leaving PSP Go owners out of the action. Read More


Three New SNK Games Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

SNK Playmore is going big with Xbox Live Arcade, as the company has announced three titles set to be hitting the service in Japan (and hopefully America) next year. First up is Metal Slug XX, an port of a PSP game that was already an enhanced port of Metal Slug 7 on the DS. Next up, two of SNK's trademark fighting titles, King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Lastly is a game already known about, the oddball vertical shooter King of Fighters: Skystage. Read More


Metal Slug 3

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, the shooter genre – one that is now essentially relegated to niche market... Read More