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Media: Metal Slug 7 Trailer

I need a hero!!!! Will you be a hero? Metal Slug 7 is coming to the DS next month and it looks to kick all kinds of ass. Checkout this amazing Metal Slug 7 trailer and be a hero. Read More


My Thoughts on Galaga Legions

When I first saw Pac-man: Championship Edition, I knew that Bandai Namco had something special going on, and I had to play it. And once I got an Xbox 360, that was one of the first games I went for once it was online. Not Halo, not Ninja Gaiden, not Dead Rising (my TV sucks for that, anyway), but Pac-man. I've downloaded it, and I've loved it. Then came E3, and the announcement that the same team which brought us Pac-man: Championship Edition would be bringing us a new title: Galaga Legions. Sure, that's the Japanese trailer, but just the same, the visuals captured my attention in the same way those ubiquitous creatures would swoop down to capture your ships in the game for which this was named. Read More