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WiiWare and Virtual Console Update with an Example of 2+2=4 That Would Make The Count Proud

WiiWare and Virtual Console Update with an Example of 2+2=4 That Would Make The Count Proud

Nintendo's Wii-kly Update is a rather robust one this week, with two new Virtual Console entries of note, and two new WiiWare titles, including the return of an old friend in Dr. Mario Online Rx. 1,000 Wii Points is the cost to get the Doc to make a house call this time, and he'll see anywhere from 1-4 patients in this E-rated puzzler that not only brings back the classic mode of gameplay, but also two battle modes and an online multiplayer mode. You can even challenge a friend whose hasn't paid his premiums with the Friend Battle Demo, or work together with three friends in Virus Buster mode. Of course, the most challenging part will be getting the tunes out of your head. Also on WiiWare this week is Family Table Tennis by Aksys Games, an E-rated game for 1-2 players and a cost of only 500 Wii Points. Four family members to choose from and four stages including indoor and outdoor settings add a little variety, and some minigames add a little more to the proceedings. Virtual Console brings in an NES title I used to see hanging around the video rental store as a youth, but never got around to playing in City Connection. 500 Wii Points for E-rated 1-2 player action "comic mischief" and "tobacco references" will place you in the shoes of a guy from Cali who's off to see the world and leave his mark by painting the town red-- er, the road white, leading to police pursuit as they try to keep him from his bizarre goal. But this is no ordinary car, as it can jump, fire oil cans, or use balloons to warp to a new level and evade pursuit. Finally... does this one even need to be here? Metal Slug for the NEO GEO, I would have thought would be on Metal Slug Anthology, but it's going on the Virtual Console for 900 Wii Points. Rated T for Teen due to blood and violence, one or two players control Marco and Tarma of Team Peregrine Falcon as they seek to fulfill their mission of overthrowing General Morden and retrieving the Metal Slug weapon. Wave after wave of enemies try to thwart the effort, but various power-ups along the way (including heavy machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and flamethrowers, plus the Metal Slug itself, which appears frequently in the game) help even the odds. Read More