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Set in the 1960s, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the definitive stealth action experience with extraordinary depth and new gameplay mechanics. Moving beyond the series' signature radar control, the game thrusts players into a fully interactive and immersive jungle environment. Gamers must rely on elements such as the "camouflage index" to blend into the environments to sneak past enemies undetected or use the game's unique and in-depth hand-to-hand combat "CQC" system to take down their foes. Utilizing the new camouflage index, players can change the patterns on Snake's clothes as well as his face paint in order to blend into the surroundings, allowing him to avoid enemy detection or sneak up on his enemies. Players will be able to acquire different camouflage patterns throughout the game as well as download new camo designs online. Adding incredible realism and depth to the game, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater incorporates a "cure system," where players will be able to heal Snake when he is injured during battle. Untreated wounds will affect the player's health, and thus, affect the outcome of their mission. Furthermore, players will need to feed on animals, flora and fauna to survive in the jungle. Through the "food capturing" system, Snake can hunt for food and store the items in his inventory. Taking the realism of the game a step further, food will rot if gamers hold onto uneaten items for long periods of time. Players will need to carefully monitor Snake's stamina and health by eating and also treating injuries in order to properly move through the game.

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