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Men In Black: Alien Crisis is a Third-Person Shooter in which players assume the role of the brand-new Men in Black agent Peter Delacoeur in a struggle against an alien plot for universal domination. The game is a standalone video game companion to the 2012 major motion picture "Men In Black III". Features include a large arsenal of customizable weapons, tools/techniques for identifying aliens in disguise and other hidden threats, cinematic chase scenes, online leaderboards, support for up to four-players in multiplayer modes, and offline two-player co-op.

Men in Black: Alien Crisis Review

For the most part, games based on movie licenses aren’t very good.  Developers usually put them together just for the sake of making a quick buck off of a successful film, as Activision attempted to do last month with the bland Battleship.  (And surprise, that movie wasn’t really a success.)  Now it’s at it again, this time with Men In Black: Alien Crisis, a game that tries to tie in with the recently released Men In Black III film.  Only difference is, the movie is the only product that manages to entertain. Everything about Men In Black: Alien Crisis has “rush job” written all over it.  You don’t even get to play as Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones’ Agents in the game.  Instead, you’re Agent P, a rather... Read Review

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