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Nintendo Power Reveals Mega Man 9 for WiiWare

Update: When the scans were posted at the Capcom*Unity, Corporate Officer and Vice-president of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson stated "I will also say, NP only has part of the story. More to be learned later." Original Story: Dreams do come true. The new issue of Nintendo Power is hitting mailboxes, and inside is the scoop on what we've been waiting for: Solid, concrete proof of Mega Man 9. While there is no confirmation yet of its existence as a game for Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network, at least we do now know that it will be a downloadable game in a place where it most makes sense: WiiWare. Further, the rumors of an 8-bit artstyle were not only true, but quite literal: So far, this looks just like one of the NES games, rather than the later fare of Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, each of which has its fans and detractors. So what's the story? Apparently the rumor of a more "standard" story holds true as well, as robots are on the rampage, and Dr. Wily is back; only this time, he says that the robot attacks are the fault of Mega Man's creator, Dr. Light. And so it falls to Mega Man to prove his creator's innocence. Find out what Mega Man's up against after the cut. Read More


No More Zack & Wiki?

I never did get to play Zack & Wiki, though I heard it was pretty good; it reminds me a little of MegaMan Legends, minus the MegaMan, so that's always a positive thing (just try and tell me that monkey and Data weren't cut from the same cloth, just try it). Unfortunately, it's just been a good time for games... perhaps too good, thus hindering the relatively ambitious Wii game's chances at retail. And now, for that, the duo may yet suffer. On Capcom's forum, when faced with a question about further games starring the duo, Christian Svensson, the Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development for Capcom, said "Let me preface this answer with a statement to set expectations that we've not announced another Z&W and I'm not so sure there will be one on any reasonable timeline." Ouch. I sure hope it didn't end on a cliffhanger... *cough*Mega Man X8*cough*Mega Man ZX Advent*cough* ...I should get that checked out. Read More