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The evil Sigma had started a war of fury on Earth in an attempt to annihilate the human race. Mega Man X8 begins after the fall out of this battle, which left the planet in shambles, and forced humans to look for a new home. In an effort to rebuild, a new generation of robot Reploids was built by the earth

Mega Man X8 Cheats

In the first stage of Dr. Wily's Castle, you will start outside. You will eventually encounter some big blocks. Use Gutsman's Gutsman Arm and press B to get Mega Man to pick the blocks up. Press B again to get Mega Man to throw them. You can also use Elec Man's Elecman Beam.

Hint: Elecman stage: Magnet Beam

Unlock Playstation 2
The Magnet Beam is found in Elecman's Stage. You need to use Gutsman's Super Arm to break some big blocks to reach it, or you can use Elecman's Elec Beam. The Magnet Beam is a step that Mega Man can use to reach places that he normally cannot go to. This is useful in Iceman's Stage and is required to get through a section in the first Stage of Dr. Wily's Fortress.
There is a point were you must jump over a bottomless pit on shooting platforms that move from one ledge to the other. Getting across is usually difficult, but if you use the Magnet Beam to create your own ledges it is much easier.

Hint: Defeating Cut Man

Unlock Playstation 2
When you encounter him, switch to the weapon you received by defeating Guts man. Pick up one of the giant square rocks in the level and throw it at Cut Man. It should take about 50% of his life bar. Repeat this with the other giant square rock to easily defeat Cut Man.

Hint: Defeating Dr. Wily

Unlock Playstation 2
Dr. Wily is located on the last stage of his Fortress. First, hit Dr. Wily with the Fire Storm (Fireman's weapon). After part of his machine is destroyed, hit him with the Elec Beam (Elecman's weapon) and use the "Extra damage" trick by pressing Select repeatedly. After that, his machine will be destroyed and the game will end.

Hint: Defeating Guts Man

Unlock Playstation 2
He can be easily defeated by jumping over the giant rocks he throws at you. In order to prevent damage even further, when Guts Man jumps, jump immediately before he hits the ground to prevent falling.

Hint: Defeating The Rock Monster

Unlock Playstation 2
The Rock Monster is located on the first stage of Dr. Wily's Fortress. Hit him with the Elec Beam (Elecman's weapon) and use the "Extra damage" trick by pressing Select repeatedly.

Hint: Defeating the Bosses

Unlock Playstation 2
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Hint: Defeating Bubbles

Unlock Playstation 2
The Bubbles are located on the third stage of Dr. Wily's Fortress. Hit the slow Bubbles with the Arm Cannon (Mega Man's weapon), then use the Super Arm to pick up the blocks and throw them at the fast Bubbles.
The Clone of Mega Man is located on the second stage of Dr. Wily's Fortress. Hit the Clone with the Elec Beam (Elecman's weapon) or Hyper Bombs (Bomb Man's weapon) and use the "Extra damage" trick.

Extra damage

Unlock Playstation 2
Use the Cutman blade or Elecman beam to hit an opponent. Rapidly tap Start or Select repeatedly when your opponent is hit by the weapon to allow the single hit to be counted as multiple attacks.


Unlock PCPlaystation 2
Elec Man Defeated A2,A4,B3,D1,D2 Ice Man Defeated A1,A2,B2,B3,D4 Fire Man Defeated A1,B1,B2,C4,D2 Dr. Wily's Castle A2,A3,B4,C2,C3 Fire Man and Cut Man Defeated A2,B2,C3,D1,D3 Fire Man, Cut Man and Elec Man Defeated A3,B2,B3,B4, C4 Dr. Wiley's Castle A2,A3,B4,C2,C3 Fire and Iceman Defeated A2,B3,D2,D3,D4 Ice and Elecman Defeated A1,B4,C1,D2,D4 Fire, Ice, and Elecman Defeated A2,A3,C1,D2,D3

Playing Tip

Unlock Nintendo DSPlaystation 2
Waveman and Toadman are in the castle so don't screw up, because you have to play the castle again if you get a game over on Toadman. In Toadman, watch your step and kill the birds with full blast to prevent the smaller ones to strike. In both levels, strike with a full blast and jump around while fighting waveman because he shoots spears and uses waves to hurt you. Toadman must be struck before he uses his rain power, or you will have power lossage. Use all of this, and you might pass to Wily's part!