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Fans Petitioning for Oldschool Sonic in Sonic 4

In all likelihood, SEGA probably thought they nailed it when they released the first teasers, production art and trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 4. They had the logo. They had the sounds. They had the music. They had the enemies. They had 2D, side-scrolling gameplay. The story picks up right where Sonic & Knuckles left off. And they had reduced the cast to its core fundamentals. What more could a fan of the oldschool Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog titles possibly want? The answer, it turns out, is the oldschool Sonic. There tends to be something of a divide among Sonic fans when it comes to the character, his design specifically. For some, the leaner, more modern hedgehog is their preference, but for others, it's when his eyes went green that everything went south for the franchise. Read More


A "Corrupted" Mega Man X Fangame Brings Back Feelings of Pure Joy

Following the success of Mega Man 9, a common desire expressed by Mega Man fans is for a continuation of the Mega Man X series with Mega Man X9. However, a lot of fans are widely divided on how this should be done: Some feel that it should follow Mega Man 9's lead, and return to its roots in the 16-bit era. Others, however, feel that this was acceptable for the original series, as it had 6 games in that style, versus one 16-bit game and one 32-bit game, but not so for X, who has had things pretty evenly split between three 16-bit styled games, three 32-bit games, and three PS2-era games. As a result, this leads to to two other camps: Those who feel that emulating the style of Mega Man X4-6 is the way to go, and those who believe something akin to Mega Man X8 or the PlayStation Portable's Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, released in a style akin to Bionic Commando Rearmed is the best way. Oh, and X7? Most of us don't like to talk about X7, in case you were wondering. In any case, one individual (or possibly individuals) working under the name "JKBProductions" has been at work on their own fanmade Mega Man X game titled Mega Man X: Corrupted. While it employs the graphic styling of the Super NES games, it actually borrows quite a bit from the later installments as well. Click the link to see some videos. Read More


Random Video of the Day: Mega Man 2.5D

Not all classic video game characters have had great success adapting to the third dimension. Sonic the Hedgehog is practically the mascot for not only SEGA, but games which seem to embody this fact. Konami's Castlevania attempts have found a cool reception at best, with fans usually turning their attention to see what the next 2D game will be. And then there's Mega Man. Mega Man and 3D have had a-- pardon the expression-- rocky relationship. The first attempts in MegaMan Legends produced three delightful games that were just a bit ahead of their time, more often passed over for the 2D iterations of the day, or for other 3D games such as Tomb Raider or The Legend of Zelda. Read More


Random Video of the Day: Mega Man X4: Iris's Death Scene Redubbed

I'm not sure how interested a lot of you would be in this, but I'm throwing it out here anyway. Back in the mid-to-late 90's, Capcom brought their Mega Man franchise to Sony's PlayStation and SEGA's Saturn with a pair of games: Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X4. And the voice acting in both were were terrible, with the best voices and acting being tolerable at best. This really cut away at the drama present in the latter title, particularly when Zero's love interest, Iris, passes on. In fact, that part is often ridiculed all over the internet-- if you've ever heard someone exclaim "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOORRR???", then know that this is where it originated. To that end, Protodude of Protodude's Rockman Corner was recently able to interview Lucas Gilbertson, the most recent voice actor to take up the role of Zero in Mega Man X Command Mission, Mega Man X8, and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X. At the end, he promised to redo the melodramatic death scene. And now the time has finally come. But first, here for comparison's sake is the original: Check out more after the cut. Read More


No More Zack & Wiki?

I never did get to play Zack & Wiki, though I heard it was pretty good; it reminds me a little of MegaMan Legends, minus the MegaMan, so that's always a positive thing (just try and tell me that monkey and Data weren't cut from the same cloth, just try it). Unfortunately, it's just been a good time for games... perhaps too good, thus hindering the relatively ambitious Wii game's chances at retail. And now, for that, the duo may yet suffer. On Capcom's forum, when faced with a question about further games starring the duo, Christian Svensson, the Vice-President of Strategic Planning & Business Development for Capcom, said "Let me preface this answer with a statement to set expectations that we've not announced another Z&W and I'm not so sure there will be one on any reasonable timeline." Ouch. I sure hope it didn't end on a cliffhanger... *cough*Mega Man X8*cough*Mega Man ZX Advent*cough* ...I should get that checked out. Read More