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Mega Man Star Force

Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace - NDS Cheats

Unlockable Golden Stars

Unlock Nintendo DS
Black Ace Star Beat the game for the first time
G Comp Star Collect all the Giga cards
M Comp Star Collect all the Mega cards
S Comp Star Collect all the Standard cards
SS Star Beat Sirius

Cipher Codes

Unlock Nintendo DS
"AcidAceV3" Battle Card Eta67300
"AcornBomb3" Battle Card Upsilon79755
"AirShoes/260" Ability Sigma08312
"AirSpread3" Battle Card Delta86531
"AntiDmg/250" Ability Phi40588
"BeastSlap3" Battle Card Psi07280
"BigDrop3" Battle Card Lamda09373
"BN Blaster EX (1/5/2)" Weapon Omega68805
"BubblHook3" Battle Card Omicron74574
"Bushido3" Battle Card Mu13420
"ClubStrngV3" Battle Card Gamma31412
"CygnsWingV3" Battle Card Theta78108
"Danger Ring (2/2/3)" Weapon Psi09659
"DblEater" Battle Card Omega42348
"DiamndIceV3" Battle Card Beta20976
"DivideLine" Battle Card Delta75148
"DreadJokrV3" Battle Card Zeta11702
"DrillArm3" Battle Card Chi83559
"DrkPhntmV3" Battle Card Kappa34080
"FlashStrk3" Battle Card Sigma66019
"Gale Claw (2/1/2)" Weapon Chi78584
"GigCls+1/400" Ability Upsilon28454
"HP+50/110" Ability Epsilon07292
"HP+500/450" Ability Rho65958
"IceSpin3" Battle Card Pi95941
"Invisible" Battle Card Beta86425
"JackCorvsV3" Battle Card Epsilon71083
"KiloBomb1" Battle Card Zeta78695
"MadFire 3" Battle Card Xi33819
"MechFlame3" Battle Card Nu31121
"MegaBoost" Battle Card Xi23308
"MegCls+1/270" Ability Tau90338
"MoonDstryV3" Battle Card Mu66767
"MuTech3" Battle Card Phi24914
"Rogue V3" Battle Card Lamda72890
"Shuriken3" Battle Card Tau78431
"SiriusV3" Battle Card Nu73618
"SpadMgnes V3" Battle Card Alpha40352
"StrngSwngV3" Battle Card Omicron64221
"ThndrHead3" Battle Card Rho17385
"Virus Claw (1/2/3)" Weapon Eta28274
"WickdFlame" Battle Card Pi62739
"WolfWoodsV3" Battle Card Iota16196
D.Engry Theta32596
QueenVirgoV3 Delta18946
SmEngry Gamma19606
SmEngry Alpha85072
SmEngry Delta51999
SmEngry Alpha53637
SmEnrgy Beta95104
SrchEye Theta71782
Unlocker Iota20404

White Cards

Unlock Nintendo DS
Aqua +30, Bubble Hook 3, Shark Cutter 3, Dia Iceburn V2 (White Card 17) GHDRJL
Atomic Blazer, Attack +10, Beast Slap 1, Heat Upper 1 HNDKLQ
Barrier, Cannon, Cannon, Cannon (White Card 10) IJMHQP
Beast Slap 1, Gravity Plus, Buzz Saw Attack 1, Ice Spin 1 GFKSLR
Beast Slap 3, Beast Slap 3, Scythe 3, Mal Wizard 3 TLSRPJ
Black Ink, Flash Spear 2, Bubble Hook 1, Mummy Hand 2 (White Card 05) EJHRPG
Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Sword Fighter 3, Acid Ace V3 KJRLBD
BreakSabre, StlthLzr3, BuzzSaw3, AcidAce JCKDBA
Bubble Hook 1, Bubble Hook 1, Flash Spear 2, Inazuma Head 2 (White Card 04) SIHFQK
Buki3, HeatUppr3, GreatAxe, DreadJokr DKLEAH
Dance Flame 3, Heat Upper 3, Mad Fire 3, Mech Flame 3 KQBPAH
DblEater, MalWizard2, BeastSlap3, JackCorvs GLRHED
Destroy Upper, Stun Knuckle, Freeze Knuckle, Poison Knuckle KICMJT
Double Eater, Beast Swing 3, Whistle, Great Axe (White Card 11) JKIPTD
Double Eater, Wide Wave 3, Bubble Hook 3, Queen Virgo BTRIFJ
Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 3, Edogiri Blade 2, Edogiri Blade 1 (White Card 14) RSBQPH
Elec +30, Flash Strike 3, Thunder Head 3, Spade Magnets V3 THFLJI
Elec Slash, Sword Fighter 3, Wood Slash, Spin Blade 3 SLBHDT
Fire +30, Anger Fire 3, Ox Fire V2, Machine Flame 3 (White Card 16) KDANJH
Flash Strike 2, Shark Attack 2, Heat Upper 2, Shuriken 2 JRQTLA
FlashStrk3, ElecSlash, ElecSlash, ThndrHead2 SKQALD
Giza Wheel 2, Ground Wave 2, Shuri Shuriken 1, Ice Spinning 1 (White Card 07) JQMAKC
GrandWave3, SwrdFghtr1, NoiseWzrd2, DrillArm3 SHDETN
Great Axe, Break Sabre, Drill Arm 3, Buki 3 SJBMPL
Green Ink, Dummy Spider 1, Shuri Shuriken 1, Thunder Shoot 2 (White Card 02) ACTKGM
Heat Upper 2, Mad Fire 1, Time Bomb 2, Dance Flame 1 JSTKAP
HeatUppr3, Buki3, BreakSabre, BigDrop3 RBDLCI
Heavy Cannon, Drill Arm 2, Heat Upper 2, Heavy Dawn 1 (White Card 08) FJLEDR
Heel Wizard 1. Bubble Hook 1, Elec Slash, Dummy Spider 1 (White Card 09) HRJKBQ
Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Attack 2, Blue Ink RTALSJ
Ice Grenade, Wide Wave 3, Shark Attack 3, Flame Axe DKMPHI
Ice Spin 3, Wide Wave 3, Shark Attack 3, Bubble Hook 3 BFGJIM
Jet Attack 3, Skull Arrow 3, Skull Arrow 3, Buki 3 DTOFKL
Mad Fire 3, Time Bomb 3, Kilo Bomb 3, Kilo Bomb 3 LPBKDJ
Mini Grenade, Sword, Wide Sword, Long Sword IJDCEO
MteorLight, Gravity Plus, WideWave1, BeastSlap1 CSTKQN
Mummy Hand 3, Arachnid Attack 3, Elec Slash, Earth Thunder 3 JDFICS
Panic Cloud, Panic Cloud, Flash Strike 3, Pollen Shot 3 BSCHLJ
Plasma Gun, Stealth Laser 2, Mummy Hand 1, Inazuma Head 1 (White Card 01) SLDTCI
PollnShot3, VulcnSeed1, Shuriken3, VulcnSeed2 EGIKMP
Rolling Nuts 1, Rolling Nuts 2, Count Bomb 3, Machine Flame 1 (White Card 12) IDHBGT
Shuriken 3, Wide Wave 3, Stealth Lazer 3, Smile Coin 3 STKGHM
Squall 3, Scythe 3, Tornado Dance, Windy Attack 3 OGBFKL
Synchro Hook 1, Freeze Knuckle, Stun Knuckle, Heat Upper 3 (White Card 15) IDOSTE
Tornado Dance, Air Spread 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Mad Vulcan 3 KFHPLD
TyphnDance, TrnadoDnce, WindyAtk3, Scythe2 TDAFIQ
Whistle, Drill Arm 1, Drill Arm 2, Windy Attack 1 (White Card 03) DFEJTH
White Meteor, Time Bomb 3, Big Drop 3, Mech Flame 3 MFQLHJ
Wide Wave 2, Shark Cutter 2, Ice Grenade, Ice Grenade (White Card 13) AGHTRQ
Windy Attack 1, Windy Attack 1, Noised Wizard 1, Noised Wizard 2 (White Card 06) JDBPLC
Wood +30, Squall 3, Vulcan Seed 3, Club Strong V3 EMJKAD
Wood Slash, Arachnid Attack 2, Shuriken 2, Stealth Lazer 2 MISBLT

At the title screen hold L and press these gold stars in order: S Comp Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, SS Star, and Black Ace Star. You should hear a confirmation if done correctly.

Fight RogueZZ

Unlock Nintendo DS

At the title screen, hold L and press G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star. He'll appear in the Meteor G Ctrl CC, which is located in the Orbital Base.