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Cheats for Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Ninja - NDS

Omega Xis Wave Command Code Screen

  • DS
  • unlock
Aizawa Rabue's Crime Prevention Plan F, Q, T, B, D, E
Atsume Taiyou's Collection- Moplance1 Fokx-Fu1 Squall1 A, J, L, O,Q, T
Bob Copper's Thank-You letter-AmbshPanel T, O, Q, D, C, B
Bud's Supplies- ChargeV LV1 B, D, F, I, Q, T
Capable Woman-Kuromi Kurofuku-Battle Cards Parlyzplus Attack+10 B, D, F, O, Q, T
Enigmatic Zenny- 20000 Zenny T, Q, O, L, B, A
Express Company ES- Today in the Sun- 50000 Zenny S, N, P, K, B, A
Gerry Romero's Last Resort- Poison Apple T, K, B, R, N, P
Gift from Sonia- Battle Cards Invisible, Barrier, Holy Panel I, Q, T, B, D, F
Gontaga Festival-FireRing3, DnceFire3, Heatuppr3 B, C, L, O, Q, T
Iketsura Motetsugu's Trump Card- AttckPanel B, D, E, F, Q, T
Keepsake from Kouji Fukuro's Unexpected Journey- SnoBall3 B, D, L, O, Q, T
Kirimomi's Safe Flight-HolyPanel O,Q, T, B, C, L
Luna's School Fees-10000 Zenny N, P, S, A, B, K
Malbos Hetatsuri's Tactics-ChainBbl2 StkyRain2 PiranKss2 G, Q, T, B, D, F
Meddling Harp Note-SmEnergy LrgEnergy, D. Energy T, O, Q, L, C, B
Mondi Nazonu's Insight-SrchEyex3 O, Q, T, B, D, E
Nanska Doko Nanska's Gaze-Woodsrchx2 A, B, K, N, P, S
Nanska Nan Nanska's Gaze-FireSrchx2 T, O, Q, E, D,B
Nanska Shiro Inska's Gaze-AquaSrchx2 S, A, L, Q, N, O
Nanska Soto Douska's Gaze-ElecSrchx2 T, B, E, R, G, Q
Poket Money from Mom-1000 Zenny S, P, Q, N, K, I
Present from Aaron-GigaMine O, Q, T, B, C, D
Present from Amy- UndrShrt-Lv1 O, Q, T, B, D, F
Present from Legendary Master Shin-ChargeV Lv1 P, Q, S, I, K, N
Present from Luna- HP+200 LV 1 Q, S, T, J, L, O
Present From Mr. Hertz-PrlyzeStg S, N, P, E, C, A
Present from Ms. Hertz-StkyRain1 ChainBbl1 PiranKss1 N, P, S, A, C, E
Produce Expences- 5000 Zenny T, O, Q, L, J, A
Rakka Otoshimon's Crime Prevention Plan- VolttcEye1 FlckrKck1 MummyHand1 T, G, Q, F, D, B
Rich's Dirty Money- 10000 Zenny T, I, Q, F, D, B
Shaman's Insight- Firesrch, Aquasrch, Elecsrch, Woodsrch, Q, G, T, B, R, E
Shizummu Oboreruno's Refreshments-SmEnrgyx3 B, D, E, O, Q, T
Souvenir from Ken-AntiSword A, C, E, N, P, S
Souvenir from Mr. Gelande-JetSki3 T, O, Q, F, D, B
Souvenir from Nai Katazuka's Trip-SnoBall2 O, Q, T, B, D, L
Tramsform into Rogue Mega Man! HP+850Attack+4Rapid+4 Charge+4Gauge+3 Megachip+2GigaChip+1 Autoequip undrshrt,flotshoe, fstbarr.* O, R, I, P, S, K
Usui Sachi's Collection-AreaEater O, Q, T, A, J, L
Zack's supplies- HP+LV 2 T, Q, S, O, L, J


  • DS
  • unlock
AirSpred1*1 STRAPOO
Apollo Flame SP Turn the page (enter) to get the (enter) latest info!
Cancer Buble SP Battle over the (enter) Net in MEGAMAN (enter) STARFORCE 2!
Dark Phantom SP Waves become (enter) visible with the (enter) Visualizer!
Gemini Spark SP Hey,let's have (enter) a Wave Battle!
General Auriga SP Mega Card MegaMan is on the air and coming (enter) to your TV!
get giga+1/250 Everyone gather(enter) at the(enter) Sky-Hi Coliseum!
Get plasmagun2 battlecard KREREDZREBNUREHT
Gives you SrchEye OTIBNER
Hollow SP Lighten up, (enter) Prez!
HP+100/135 Ability KYWSAVE
Kung-Foo Kid SP Can you collect (enter) each and every (enter) Battle Card?
Queen Ophiuca SP Be my Brother!
Recover 200 BRITEINKG
Recover150 BEMOCOBST
Recover200 BRITEINKG
Rogue SP Geo's in a good (enter) mood lately.
Taurus Fire SP Bud loves his (enter) burgers!
Terra Condor SP L-O-V-E (enter) I love you Sonia!
White Meteor INWOJAODN
Yeti Blizzard SP Which Tribe did (enter) you choose?

Blank Card Wave Command

  • DS
  • unlock
Aqua +30 RFTEPQ
All Poison RFTELQ
Avalanche F, R, G, S, H, T
Count Bomb GEMRQF
Darkness Hole T, D, P, O, C, N
Destroy Upper MBHLPA
Dragon Sky GX DOTELC
Elec +30 TEQPFR
Extimeteor QFRLTE
Fire +30 QFRPTE
Gemini Thunder D, P, T, N, C, O
Get All Poison RFTELQ
Get Apollon Flame MBNCTA
Get Apollon Flame EX NBTACM
Get Apollon Flame SP TAMCBN
Get Aqua + 30 RFTEPQ
Get Auriga General MOSHPA
Get Auriga General EX SOPAHM
Get Auriga General SP PAMHOS
Get Brachio Wave GAERQF
Get Brachio Wave EX EQFRTA
Get Brachio Wave SP FQTARE
Get Break Count Bomb (Giga Card) TDPOCA
Get Burai MBNCOA
Get Burai Break (Giga Card) SHTERG
Get Burai Sword TAMPBN
Get Burai Sword EX RGSHPA
Get Burai Sword SP SGPAHR
Get Buster Max (Giga Card) ACODPT
Get Cancer Bubble SBPAHM
Get Cancer Bubble EX PAMHBS
Get Cancer Bubble SP MBNCOE
Get Condor Geograph OEMCBN
Get Condor Geograph EX MBNHPA
Get Condor Geograph SP NBPAHM
Get Count Bomb GEMRQF
Get Crown Thunder QFRGSE
Get Crown Thunder EX RFSEGQ
Get Crown Thunder SP SEQGFR
Get Cygnus Wing PARHGS
Get Cygnus Wing EX CGSHPA
Get Cygnus Wing SP SGPAHC
Get Darkness Hole (Giga Card) TDPOCN
Get Destroy Hook MBHLPA
Get Dragon Sky HDTELQ
Get Dragon Sky DOTELQ
Get Dragon Sky EX TEQLDH
Get Dragon Sky EX TEQLOD
Get Dragon Sky GX DOTELC
Get Dragon Sky SP CODLTE
Get Dragon Sky SP QSDLTE
Get Elec + 30 TEQPFR
Get Empty MBDHPA
Get Empty Magic (Giga Card) TSHGRF
Get Fire + 30 QFRPTE
Get Flying Impact (Giga Card) SHTFRG
Get Gekiryuu Wave (Giga Card) ERGSHT
Get Gemini Spark PAMHGS
Get Gemini Spark EX MBSHPA
Get Gemini Spark SP RGSHPF
Get Gemini Thunder (Giga Card) DPTNCO
Get Giant Axe MBNPTA
Get Giga Card Buster Max A,C,,O,D,P,T
Get Giga Card Flying Impact S,H,T,F,R,G
Get Giga Card MT Magic T,S,H,G,R,F
Get Giga Card Rouge Break S,H,T,E,R,G
Get Giga Card Torrent Wave E,R,K,S,H,T
Get Goat Kung-Fu MBNLPA
Get Goat Kung-Fu EX NBPALM
Get Goat Kung-Fu SP PAMLBN
Get Gorgon Eyes (Giga Card) DPTACO
Get Green Meteor MQFRGE
Get Harp Note BMCANE
Get Harp Note EX CAENMB
Get Harp Note SP SGPFHR
Get Ice Meteor NBTAPM
Get Impack Hook DSPAHM
Get Leo Kingdom DSTELQ
Get Leo Kingdom EX TEQLSD
Get Leo Kingdom GX QFHLTE
Get Leo Kingdom SP QDHLTE
Get Libra Balance PACHGS
Get Libra Balance EX GOSHPA
Get Libra Balance SP TEQLFR
Get Muramasa Blade TEQLFD
Get Nadare Daiko (Giga Card) FRGSHT
Get Normal + 50 (Giga Card) RGSHPT
Get Ophiuchus Queen MGSHPA
Get Ophiuchus Queen EX SGPAHM
Get Ophiuchus Queen SP BNCODM
Get Ox Fire TAERQF
Get Ox Tackle (Giga Card) PAMHBN
Get Parazyle Grenade HBPALM
Get Pegasus Magic GX SOPAHG
Get Phantom Black NBOECM
Get Phantom Black EX EQFRGA
Get Phantom Black SP FQGARE
Get Phantom Slash (Giga Card) EMBFHT
Get Plasma Spread MSDHPA
Get Poison Pharaoh (Giga Card) NCODPT
Get Power Song LFTEPQ
Get Pulse Noise QFDLTE
Get Quake Song TEQPFL
Get Search Missile PAMHSD
Get Sonoc Sword PAMLBH
Get Thousand Kicks (Giga Card) TSHGRE
Get Trip Song QODLTE
Get Warrior Brand DFTELQ
Get Wolf Forest QFRGTE
Get Wolf Forest EX RFTEGQ
Get Wolf Forest SP TEQGFR
Get Wood + 30 QFLPTE
Get Yeti Blizzard MBNCPA
Get Yeti Blizzard EX NBPACM
Get Yeti Blizzard SP PAMCBN
Get Zetsuen Meteor FQGERM
Get Zetsumetsu Meteor QFRLTE
Giant Axe MBNPTA
Goron Eye D, P, T, A, C, O
Green Meteor MQFRGE
Ice Meteor NBTAPM
Impact Hook DSPAHM
Leo Kingdom GX QFHLTE
Muramasa TEQLFD
Normal +50 R, G, S, H, P, T
Paralyze Grenade HBPALM
Pegasus Magic GX SOPAHG
PlasmaSprd MSDHPA
Poison Pharaoh N, C, O, D, P, T
Power Song LFTEPQ
Pulse Noise QFDLTE
Search Missile PAMHSD
Sonic Blade PAMLBH
Warrior Soul DFTELQ
Wood +30 QFLPTE
Zetsuen Meteor FQGERM

Auto Forms

  • DS
  • unlock
Become Ninja at start of battle QRICAE
Become Rouge with many boosts at start of battle SLNDPC
Become Saurian at start of battle IMFCGO
Become Tribe King at start of battle ICGOSL
Become Zerker at start at start of battle NIFCDG