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Featuring a distince noir comic book aeshetic, Mayhem challenges players to crush or be crushed in a white-knuckle racing and car destruction game. Highly customizable for hours of opponent pummeling entertainment, the fast-paxced arcade racing video game features realistic 3D action.

Mayhem 3D Review

3D has begun to make its presence known in the industry with games like Black Ops integrating such capabilities, but Mayhem 3D offers a full 3D experience. The game pieces together parts of precision racers and blends them with intense car-ramming action. Mayhem 3D delivers 20 levels where players can earn points for causing mayhem and stars to unlock levels. The game includes a pair of retro 3D glasses compatible with every TV, a cost-friendly convenience for those who aren't ready to make the switch to a 3D television (most of us). These glasses help create a 3D experience that is short of impressive, especially if you are prone to headaches. Players have the ability in-game to change the depth of the 3D from 0 to 10, but even at the highest setting, the presentation is... Read Review

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    Mayhem 3D Review

    Tate Steinlage Apr 12, 2011