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Kid Icarus Uprising Looks to Fix Shooters' 'Creativity Problem'

At E3 2010, two decades later, Nintendo confirmed that they were creating a revitalized second iteration within the Kid Icarus IP on their newly-announced 3DS. Kid Icarus Uprising's lead designer is confident that the title will conquer more than just enthusiasts' thirst for a new entry under the name Kid Icarus, including the "overriding problem with a lot of game design" - the control scheme. Read More


Guitar Hero + KFC = Happiness

It looks like two great things are about to fuse into one really great thing:We understand that Kentucky Fried Chicken is teaming up with Activision to do some mega-corp co-branding with Guitar Hero: World Tour and KFC. Specifically the chicken restaurateur plans to kick off a contest at the end of next month to give gamers and chicken-lovers a chance to win a plasma TV, sound system, furniture, refreshment center, gaming consoles and up to 25 games. What! No lifetime supply of chicken? The contest will be tied to the chain's 32-ounce drink cups which will have Guitar Hero images slapped on them. The two also plan to introduce cheat codes to the game that will unlock special features... please no playable Colonel. They also plan to... shudder.... feature KFC in the actual game with "innovative branded cameos." -- KotakuMy wife loves Guitar Hero. I love KFC. Perfect match, right? Yeah, well... no, probably not. For one thing, no word on KFC doing this in Canada, and I sort of doubt they will. In addition, you guys south of the border should see what we have for KFC up here: No mashed potatoes, no biscuits, no corn... none of that stuff (except when they do the Famous Bowls-- still no biscuits, though). Instead, they have fries. Yeah, that's right, french fries. And they're ok. So, yeah. It may be a grand promotion, but I'm not running out to take part. Read More