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Instantly jump into the multiplayer fun, locally or online, as your Mii or your favorite Mushroom Kingdom character. Discover simple touch screen controls as well as strategic depth with different tennis swings, both which propel the tennis experience into an ever-intensifying crescendo of fun as the volleys go on.

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Once upon a time, I was bizarrely excited for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for the Nintendo Gamecube. I have no idea what exactly sparked my intense desire for the game, but for some reason the idea of Mario-themed golf seemed awesome to me, especially following addictively wacky fun of the Mario Party series. Instead, I got a humdrum golf game with Mario characters. I played it maybe twice and never touched it again. It's sad to note that developers Camelot still haven't found much to do with the Mario franchise, failing to create anything more ambitious than by-the-books sports titles with Mario characters seemingly thrown in at random. Such is the case with Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS, a game which despite having plenty of great examples to follow from (Virtua... Read Review

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