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Mario Kart Wii will include 16 new courses and 16 classic courses from previous Mario Kart games. For the first time ever, players have the option of racing with either karts or motorbikes. Players can also hit the road as their personalized Mii

Mario Kart Wii Cheats


Bubble Bike (small bike) Win Mirror Leaf Cup
Dolphin Dasher (medium bike) Win Mirror Star Cup
Magikruiser (small bike) Play Time Trials on 8 different courses
Phantom (large bike) Win Mirror Special Cup
Quacker (small bike) Win 150cc Star Cup
Shooting Star (large bike) Win 100cc Star Cup
Sneakster (medium bike) Attain at least 1 Star Rank for all 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cups
Spear (large bike) Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials
Zip Zip (medium bike) Win 100cc Lightning Cup



Aero Glider (large kart) Attain at least 1 Star in all 150cc Retro Cups
Blue Falcon (small kart) Win Mirror Lightning Cup
Cheep Charger (small kart) Attain at least 1 Star Rank for all 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Honeycoupe (large kart) Win 150cc Lightning Cup
Piranha Prowler (large kart) Win 50cc Special Cup
Royal Racer (medium kart) Win 150cc Leaf Cup
Sprinter (Medium Kart) Unlocked 24 Expert Staff Ghosts
Tiny Titan (small kart) Beat 50 opponents during Wi-Fi play or unlock one expert staff ghost
Turbo Blooper (medium kart) Win 50cc Leaf Cup


Mirror Mode:

Reach 1st place in all cups at 150cc class.  Mirror Mode will play the levels you know and love back with reveresed directions than what you are used too.