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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Feature

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Boxart

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  • Publisher(s): Nintendo
  • Release Date(s): TBA
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My Games Last Weekend - 06.22.09

As Vincent Del Vecchio mentioned over the weekend, it would have seemed that I'd have been playing Ghostbusters. Alas, that was not to be, as the package did not arrive before the weekend. Worse still, it didn't arrive today, either. I was supposed to play Pikmin with the wife, but that wound up not happening; hopefully tonight, after Donald Trump's WWE Raw. Yeah, you read that right. Read More


Media: Everybody's Super Sonic Racing with Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

SEGA is a very weird, wild drug. With so many of their games, it makes one want to swear them off for good, but then you see what they're cooking up next, and it's hard not to get into a state of mind where you're all "Aww, okay... we'll give you one more chance!" Hence, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. It's not new territory for Sonic, as anyone who remembers Sonic Drift can attest, and it seems to be a sort of follow-up to the theme of SEGA Superstars Tennis, as it will be featuring SEGA characters from outside the Sonic franchise, as well as within. Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Amy Rose (in a vehicle similar to her Sonic R car), AiAi, and Amigo are the only five named so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see a roster similar to Superstars Tennis by the time it hits shelves. Check out the following trailer to get a taste of what's in store: " Video Games | Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing | European Debut TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii ...huh. They didn't focus much on the "All-Stars," did they? Hit the jump for the press release, images from our gallery, and more insight. Read More


Random Video of the Day: Super Mario Kart: Death Race Double Dash

What do you get when you cross Mario Kart with Death Race? Well, probably something like Twisted Metal, actually. But know what else you could wind up with? This: Of course, you'll notice that nothing they use in here-- not even the giant truck-- is as race-wrecking as the Blue Shell. But at least they aren't Snaking. Read More


Mario Kart Wii Has Me Singin' the Blue Shell Blues

As previously noted, I've finally gotten my hands on Mario Kart Wii and the Wii Wheel packaged alongside it. And for the most part, I've been rather enjoying it, though I've not yet ventured online. I've warmed up to the Wii Wheel, and gotten better at the bikes. For the most part, the game has been a joy. I've actually found that I best like playing the Vs. mode, even by myself against the computer, but with the items set to "strategic," which means the more powerful ones are rarely, if ever, in play. And I find this immensely more enjoyable than having Flying Blue Spiny Shells crashing on my head, followed by a blast of lightning, and whatever else may follow. Now, if only Nintendo had thought to include this in the regular single player races, the Cups if you will, which just happens to be where you unlock the bulk of things (more on that another time), Nintendo might've had a more widely-appreciated installment. Let those who want mass-destruction have it. Read More


Thinking Out Loud: Mario Kart Wii and DLC

Other than some Sony stories, the usual GTA nonsense, and girls with confidence issues, it's been a relatively slow day so far, and that's allowed me a little time to think about a recent release I hope to get for myself soon: Mario Kart Wii, and just wanted to think out loud here about a possibility. The biggest grievance people have with the game has to be-- no, not the Wii Wheel; I'd say people are fairly evenly divided on that, believe it or not. No, it'd have to be Nintendo's cannibalization of the Battle Mode. While I'm sure no one objects to the concept, or even the use of the team play, I don't think anyone wanted it to replace the last-man-standing, king-of-the-hill free-for-all (Double Dash? Meet Septuple Dash. We aren't "Kombo" for nothing). That leads me to wonder about the Mario Kart Channel available on the Wii, and all the downloadable ghosts. Such things must surely take a decently-sized chunk of memory to store. It leads me to wonder if perhaps downloadable content is possible. Of course, I don't mean things that the Wii probably can't handle, like new courses, new characters, karts, or whatever (though one must also wonder if the storage solution they're working on could). But what about some nips, tucks, and tweaks to the code. Might it be possible for Nintendo to adjust the "rules" as it were for Battle Mode to allow for free-for-alls (maybe less players, even)? Just some food for thought... ...not that I really expect Nintendo to do it. But I can't help but wonder if the Wii, as it is, could handle it if they wanted to. Read More


Mario Kart Wii Fact Sheet Reveals Downside to Oldschool Controllers

Nintendo's upcoming Wii title, aptly named Mario Kart Wii, is sure to generate controversy for years to come, much as its forbearer, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! did. The addition of motorcycles, the Wii wheel, online, and the elimination of snaking are but a few of the things people will no doubt argue over when it comes to how MKWii ranks in the series, but as of yesterday, Nintendo has added one more topic to the list: Classic controls. On April 1st (arguably not a good time for a company to release any serious news; we held this back for your own protection. Really.), Nintendo made public the Mario Kart Wii "fact sheet," which more or less went over many of the details we already knew, but brought to light some that had less light cast upon them. Most notably these two control schemes: Classic Controller: Mario Kart veterans can let their thumbs do the driving with the Classic Controller. However, players cannot perform certain moves with this control scheme. Nintendo GameCubeâ„¢ Controller: Experienced Mario Kart fans may also enjoy this familiar scheme, although some maneuvers cannot be performed. Emphasis ours. Click the jump for what we think it means and more. Read More


Lots of New Mario Kart Wii Info and Details

Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart Wii, oh when will we get to play you, Mario Kart Wii? Well, Spring is all that's really said regarding a North American release date, unfortunately, while Europe has a much more specific April 11th to anticipate. On the other hand, we get to see Brawl two days prior, while they won't see it until Autumn. Until then, Games Radar has come through with a bountiful pile of new screens, and from those, much information can be gleaned about the new title. Read More


Fear of the Future

With the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for DS, I have been thinking about what this game represents... Read More