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At Maple World, hunting and engaging in battles are not the only options you'll have. You can explore a totally new and unknown world you have never been to, put on beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories, and even attract other users in the process. You may begin the journey to explore the world of unknown alone, but you may come out on the other end with numerous new friends through hunting and chatting. If you're tired of hunting and competition, how about playing minigames with a friend for a change?

MapleStory Review

MapleStory is Nexon’s most popular free-to-play MMO. It has a cult following, with hardcore and casual players all over the world. So what separates this MMO from the crowd, making it accessible for anyone to pick up and play? It’s all in 2D. That’s right; the entire game is played on a 2D plane.At first, this idea almost seems ridiculous. How can a side-scrolling game be considered an MMO? Let’s go down the list: it has different classes to play as and develop, a huge world with hundreds of quests to take on, stat points to distribute and skills to learn, and it’s all set in a persistent online world with thousands of players. This game has all of the ingredients of an MMO, but the accessibility of a side-scrolling platformer.At the start of the game, the player can pick one of three... Read Review

MapleStory Cheats

There are currently no cheats available for MapleStory.