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Sony Considering More HD PS2 Collections

After the success of Sony's recent God of War re-release, in which both original God of War titles were given the HD treatment and released on a single Blu-ray disc for PS3, Sony is apparently looking into giving other series similar makeovers. A Kotaku reader sent them a snapshot over the weekend of a Sony survey that asked the question "What titles would you like to see in a future collection (2 or more PS2 titles upgraded with similar features to God of War Collection)?" Is Sony simply "wallet mining," as one commenter said, by planning on repackaging every single PS2 title that could make them a shred of cash, or will only the games people are interested in- and the ones that really deserve to be revisited- be making it back to store shelves? More speculation after the jump. Read More


Naughty Bear Wants to Play on 360 and PS3

If you're a fan of adorable stuffed animals, this probably won't be the game for you. Publisher 505 Games has officially announced Naughty Bear, being produced by Wet developer Artificial Mind and Movement. After failing to be invited for the annual bear party, one bear is mad. Not just mad...PISSED. And he's going to take it out on any poor sap that gets in his way. Naughty Bear can use a variety of weapons to rip the stuffing out of the other bears, and gains more naughty points if the kill is done in more unique ways. Basically, think Manhunt, but with cute little animals instead of raging serial killing maniacs. Kudos to Artificial Mind and Movement for the premise, although we doubt Teddy Roosevelt would have been pleased. Read More


Rockstar's Dan Houser Talks Video Game Violence Controversy, Being a Pariah, and More GTA

During a recent interview with The Times Online, Rockstar's Dan Houser explained that he thinks video games are finally starting to move away from being a constant source of controversy due to violent content. In addition, he seems to tease the development of the next Grand Theft Auto title. "[V]ideo games are a popular and easy enemy," he explains. "It's all part and parcel of doing something that's not been done before. One of the things that's always been exciting is the feeling of being in at the birth of a new medium, but of course the history of technology-driven art from the printing press onwards has been of people fighting against that stuff." Read More