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Mamoru is in trouble! After a car accident, he wakes up in a mysterious land with strangers that he's never met before! One of the strangers, Fururu, tells him that he's arrived in the underworld and that she needs his help to fight off dark forces!

Mamorukun Curse Review

There's a clear line that separates the familiar shoot 'em up genre from titles like Mamorukun Curse. The most obvious thing to understand is that this is very much a brutally tough Japanese bullet hell shooter designed specifically to cause anger, frustration, and possibly madness. Mamorukun Curse is also not very good, and it's easy to see that, while this game certainly has an audience, those folks are probably better off playing something else. Right from the get-go you're presented with three different game modes. Story Mode takes you through five different levels, putting you in the shoes of five protagonists. The story here is absolute gibberish, and it's so forgettable that you can get along just fine skipping the dialogue entirely. The characters... Read Review

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