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In Malicious, you’ll take control of a “Spirit Vessel” awakened by prophets to defeat Holders, evil giants bent on destroying The Kingdom. You’re armed with the Mantle of Cinders, a magical artifact that takes the form of weapons or a shield.

Malicious Review

Malicious is an interesting game.  It seems to have been built for those of you who can’t stand dragging their way through a level, itching instead to get right to the boss fight.  And while that may seem like an advantage to some, there are those who will play it, get through the two-something hours of gameplay time the first run through, and then wonder if there’s more to it. In the game, you’re the Spirit Vessel, a character with the motivation and drive to challenge five powerful enemies using suave fighting abilities.  Do that, and you’ll gain access to their special abilities, which you’ll need when it comes to battling the big boss at the end.  What’s cool about Malicious is that you don’t have to face the guys... Read Review

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    Malicious review

    Robert Workman Aug 6, 2012