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When there is peace in the kingdom, and nothing has happened in a month, any good King would itch for war. And even if not a full scale war, then at least for a skirmish; and if there is no skirmish, then at least it's time to go hunting. And if the game is a werewolf, then well – that's a sure cure for boredom! But what started as a hunt may grow into a skirmish; and a skirmish may yet develop into a full-scale war. Or maybe the Adviser is exaggerating as always and all you'll have to face is a few minor problems.... But no, deep in the darkness there prowls a mysterious mage-werewolf, who unites hordes of monsters to pose a hairy, scary threat to Ardania. Could it be that some ancient enemy, or his heirs, has returned to reclaim his domain? To overcome this menace, the Great King must draw upon all his skills, all the wisdom of his advisor, as well as the powers of an unexpected ally.

Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania Review

Majesty 2 is a game I’ve praised as being an innovative take on the real-time strategy genre by never being directly in control of units, but rather influencing them by setting quests, or waypoints, and enticing them to carry out your bidding. Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania continues the comical story and keeps the gameplay intact, but hardly expands the game enough to warrant yet another skirmish in the lands of Ardania.Majesty 2 has a tongue-in-cheek storyline that is always self-aware and presents itself in a comical style that never takes itself seriously. After the former wars end, the King finds himself bored and wishes to start another war, causing him run into a powerful Werewolf-Mage who terrorizes the lands of Ardania and summons hordes of monsters to make things even more... Read Review

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