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Addictive matching puzzles using Mahjong tiles enter a new dimension on the Nintendo 3DS in MAHJONG CUB3D, an all new twist on an all time classic puzzler. Take on a huge number of increasingly more fiendish block puzzles, rotating the fully three dimensional play field to find the next two tiles to match and remove. Versus mode adds replay value and allows multiple people to enjoy the uniquely strategic, endlessly addictive nature of 3D Cube together!

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Puzzle games have always been a comfort game for me. Any time I’m stuck on a larger than life console RPG or burned out on too many multiplayer sessions of the next “big” first-person shooter, I like to take out my handheld of choice and throw a puzzle game on. For the most part, Tetris has been my one true love, but lately, newer looks into more traditional-type puzzle games have gained my attention. Mahjong Cub3d is exactly that. It is a new look into a game that has been popular in China since the 19th century. Recently released for the Nintendo 3DS, Mahjong Cub3d definitely brings the old school title into present day. The next iteration of Mahjong offers over 200 levels if you count all the modes and the difficulty within each board. It also offers three... Read Review

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