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Fatal Fury 2 and Magnetica Add New Twist to Wii Shop Channel

Wow, a whole two releases this week? Oh well... NEOGEO classic Fatal Fury 2 by SNK lands on the Virtual Console this week for 900 Wii Points. Rated T for Teen, it features the good stuff you'd expect, like animated blood and violence. One or two players can throw down in this fighting game as five distinctive new fighters join Terry, Andy, and Joe from the original as they beat the hell out of each other around the world to become the fighting champion. Stage-specific backgrounds add to the havoc, while desperation techniques can turn the tide of battle when one's health gets too low. Plus, two lines of combat help add a bit more depth to the proceedings. In WiiWare Town, Magnetica Twist is the order of the day. 1,000 Wii Points will net you this 1-4 player puzzle game that's rated E for Everyone, allowing you to take control of a Mii-guided launcher to shoot down the marbles which surround you before they reach the end of the track. Controls are simple, as you twist the Wii remote to aim, and press A to shoot. Simple! Five modes of play and endless ways to string combos help keep the gameplay deep and addictive. In addition, while details are sparse, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King will also receive new add-on content this week. Read More


Nintendo Unveils First Wave of WiiWare

Nintendo of Japan has opened up their new website for WiiWare, and are showing off eleven titles expected to be available at the launch in March. Games included are: Everyone's Pokemon Channel, Mindware puzzle-game Marubou Shikaku, a Mii-ified Dr. Mario from Nintendo, Magnetica, Bomberman, Angels' Solitaire, Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii, Joysound Wii, Hudson's shooter StarSoldier R, Word Puzzle Mojipittan Wii, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. Nintendo of America, however, has not yet opened up a US-equivalent site. Expected for the Western release are World of Goo, Major League Eating, and Lostwinds. Read More