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Magicka 2: Learn To Spell Again!

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Get ready for all your spell combinations again with Magicka 2. Learn to spell all over again!

Magicka 2: Learn To Spell Again! Review

The Magicka series has made its way to the Playstation 4 after the first installment achieved a fair amount of success as a PC exclusive back in 2011.  This time, the comedically-oriented isometric dungeon crawler has been configured for console gamers and the result is a brutally difficult, and occasionally frustrating romp through a land full of fantasy, pop culture references and of course, magic(ka).   You start out as a rookie mage in a world where wizards who once populated the world have become scarce after an event known as the Wizard Wars. The general population, whose language sounds like something akin to Jar Jar Binks speaking literal gibberish, appears to be pretty happy about the Wizard’s current state of affairs, looking down upon them and... Read Review

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  • Magicka 2 Review

    Magicka 2 Review

    Daniel R. Miller Jul 3, 2015