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Magical Starsign Cheats

Prizes From Using Tag Mode

Unlock Nintendo DS
Amigo Book (learnable move) 10 Amigos
An egg (random element, expect dark/light) 1 Amigo
Egg Boots (part of "Egg" set) 50 Amigos
Egg Cloak (part of "Egg" set) 40 Amigos
Egg Hat (part of "Egg" set) 5 Amigos
Egg Ring (part of "Egg" set) 25 Amigos
Egg studs (Full Egg Set adds STR+47, IQ+37, SPR+19 and AGI+56 ) 75 Amigos
Fifth Egg (Light or Dark Element) 100 Amigos
Fourth Egg (random element, expect Dark/Light) 60 Amigos
Second Egg (random element, expect Dark/Light) 15 Amigos
Third Egg (random element, expect Dark/Light) 30 Amigos

Glissina Cave (secret dungeon)

Unlock Nintendo DS

In Spiny Mole's tunnel in Nova, notice the large 'X' on the wall. Return there after visiting Shadra for the first time and you will gain entrance to the secret dungeon, Glissina Cave which contains powerful enemies and strong items. You cannot enter here if you have already fought Shadra's first form, however.