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Cheats for Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers

Claws of Vengeance

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock

Claws of Vengeance:

Angel's Feather 2nd win
Angel's Feather 10th win
Brion Stoutarm 9th win
Bull Cerodon 6th win
Cho Manno, Revolutionary 15th win
Dragon's Claw 7th win
Godsire 14th win
Knight of the Skyward Eye 11th win
Pariah 4th win
Sangrite Surge 8th win
Sigil B Blessinlessing 3rd win
Sigil Blessing 12th win
Woolly Thoctar 1st win
Wrath of God 13th win
Wurms Tooth 5th win

Avatar Awards

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock

Avatar Awards:

Planeswalker T-shirtUnlocked all cards for 3 decks

Magic Card DeckUnlock all cards for 6 dec

Hidden artwork

  • Xbox 360
  • code
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and open the "sample.bmp" file to view the world map.

Cheat Mode

  • Xbox 360
  • code
Want more of the restricted cards? Need to sell some cards for some extra cash? Here's how: In the directory ProgramDecks in the Mtg directory, there is a list of .dck's. These are the decks the creatures you encounter in Shandalar will use. You can edit these decks using the EDIT feature in DOS. IMPORTANT!! Only edit one deck at a time, the game seems to lock up if you do more than one. In the .dck file you will see the creatures name, a .xxx number followed by the card name, and it's sideboard(which you can leave alone). Now, using the below information, you can edit any creature's deck to have all of the powerful cards YOU want. Then, in the game, create your deck to have 4 Bronze Tablets, and 4 Tempest Efreets. Simply walk around in Shandalar, and when you see the creature you edited, duel it. Using Bronze Tablet to steal what he casts, and Tempest Efreet to steal whats in his hand, you get all the cool cards. The extreme bonus to this is, the game doesn't expect you to do this! I once got 35 Black Lotus for 1 Bronze Tablet! Here are the numbers you will need to edit the decks: Keep in mind you need to keep at least 40 cards in the edited deck. .17 Black Lotus .165 Mox Emerald .166 Mox Jet .167 Mox Pearl .168 Mox Ruby .169 Mox Sapphire .62 Demonic Tutor .202 Regrowth .14 Berzerk .162 Mind Twist .510 Mishra's Workshop .503 Ivory Tower .10 Balance .92 Fork .230 Sol Ring .1 Ancestrall Recall .249 Time Walk .250 Timetwister .282 Wheel of Fortune .25 Braingeyser .395 Ali from Cairo .248 Time Vault .438 Library of Alexandria As soon as you are able, right click the upkeep symbol to the immediate left of the playing field. Select it to always stop. You can tap your opponent's lands during your upkeep or your opponent's. This gives them mana burn and deprives them of valuable mana. But beware when tapping a land card with multiple effects. The computer will not pick cancel, but will choose the function used. Mana producing cards owned by your opponent which are not lands

Win All Duels

  • Xbox 360
  • code
Start a new campaign having just saved and play until you get into a duel with a wizard. When the duel has loaded press Start + Select for the quit menu. Press T to reset the game. Select Duel from the main menu. Load up your Tome. Select the Duel symbol on the crashed screen. Win the duel. Save and repeat to win all the duels you fight.