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MAG Review

So the year is 2026 and WWIII has come and gone. World powers are now reforming and allegiances have been made. Corporate entities are the new powers and control the armies of the world, and outfitted with new and old technologies these armies regularly engage in combat in order to maintain strategic advantage. Engaging in 128 player versus 128 player combat, MAG promises to scratch an itch... Read Review

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Darksiders II Revealed

This past weekend we reported on hints from THQ and Game Informer surrounding Darksiders II. Though mention of a sequel had been made in the past, we Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
Top Games For Lonely Gamers

Top Games For Lonely Gamers

Now that Valentine's Day is several days behind us, I realized that my last list - "Top 5 Games to Play With Your Non-Gaming Significant Other on Valentine's Day" - probably alienated a lot of readers. After all (and I'm not poking fun) there are a lot of single gamers out there. That list was worthless to them - to you - so I thought this time I'd write the anti-list to that list. Thusly, I present: games to play when you're feeling utterly, inconsolably alone. Hit the jumpity-jump. Read More

kombo Feb 19, 2011 | Comments