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Mafia Demo

Mafia was no doubt inspired by Grand Theft Auto, but had its own gripping storyline that was set in the 1930's 

Mafia Demo

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Demo: Mafia Demo
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Mafia Demo
Mike Splechta Mike Splechta
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230.4 MB
January 18, 2011

Description of Mafia Demo

Mafia's storyline gameplay consists of driving, mainly easy city cruise between different locations, as well as chases and races; the rest of the game is based on third-person on-foot navigation and shooting - all inter-connected with cutscenes. In addition to the photo-realistic city and a huge countryside, detailed interiors like the city's airport, a museum, a church, a hotel, an abandoned prison, restaurants and Don Salieri's bar are included. Weather changes and day/night cycles are also in use.
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