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The Darkness II coming this

The Darkness II coming this

Remember four years ago a game came out staring Mafia-kid Jackie Estacado as the wielder of the powers of The Darkness? Yeah, you know the one...The Darkness. Based upon a comic book, the game allowed players to shoot their way through thugs as they dismember them with the dark tentacles within. It was a cool gimmick, but one that stopped with the one game. Today, however, 2K has announced the the Darkness II. Taking place two years after the events of the first game Jackie is now the Mafia kingpin, and dealing with the problems of the darkness inside. Not much else is really known about the game except that Jackie can now quad-wield. That's right, dual-welding is no longer cool, and shooters will forever be changed as they try to make players somehow hold onto four guns at once. With a Fall release date, hopefully The Darkness II will be above and beyond the fun of the original. Read More

kombo Feb 8, 2011 | Comments