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NPD Announces Their Top Ten Best-Selling Games Of All Time

Like a monthly birthday present, the NPD numbers greet us on the second Thursday of every month, giving us sales numbers that we, the gaming journalists can dissect, criticize, and post so gamers like you can commence with wild fanboy warfare. To celebrate 15 years of said numbers, the NPD announced the top ten best-selling games of what will forever be known as the NPD era. And what was number one, you may ask? Could it have been a giant franchise like Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Call of Duty, or Madden? Nope, the biggest seller is actually Wii Play, the minigame compilation notable for also including a controller in the package. For those of you who aren't buying that as the top pick (and we don't blame you), the rest of the list, which includes some of gaming's most heavy-hitting franchises, is after the cut. Read More


Madden 09 and NBA 09 on Chopping Block for EA Sports' Online Cuts

A commonly-heard complaint about EA Sports titles such as Madden is that it is just the same game, repackaged year after year with a few stat tweaks and the like. And yet, the complaint continues, fans eat it up year after year, thus making the company plenty of money. However, one must wonder if perhaps these same fans who have padded EA's pockets year after year have begun to catch on, thus prompting the company to take action by shutting down the servers for a number of its "09" titles. Read More


Call of Duty Classic Tops the PSN Downloads Chart

As you may or may not know the latest PlayStation Store update gave us all a list of the top 20 downloads. The list at this point in time is quite colorful with a nice array of games, including a lot of PSP titles. LittleBigPlanet PSP tops all of the other PSP games on the list, good job sackboy! It seems Call of Duty classic is quite popular with PlayStation users, since the games release on December 3rd it has skyrocketed its way to the top of the list, I'm sure a lot of those downloads were from people who bought the hardened or prestige editions of Modern Warfare 2. Nonetheless it is pretty cool to see such a classic game getting huge attention in this day and age. It goes to show you that gameplay > graphics! Hit the break to see this weeks top 20 downloads Read More


PSN Thursday – 7.30.09: Obese Princesses and Watchmen

I'd venture to say that this week's PlayStation Network update is above average in quality, mostly due to the fact that Fat Princess is now out. In addition, the second episode of Watchmen: The End is Nigh is available for 15 bucks. If you'd like to try before you buy, there is also a demo version. Your standard Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC makes an appearance. However, you may notice the lack of LittleBigPlanet content. I'm sure we can expect some next week though. Keep reading for the official word from the PlayStation Blog. Read More


Economist: Gamers Taken for $926 Million Thanks to EA's Madden NFL Monopoly

In the world of video game football, EA Sports' Madden series has been a hotbed of controversy, especially after the brand managed to net exclusivity to the NFL license. Since then (and perhaps even before), people have alleged that each new installment is little more than adjusting a few stats and changing the number on the box. Of course, what can anyone do about it? If you want NFL gaming, you buy Madden; there really isn't any other choice. It is to that line of reasoning which led Dr. Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, an economics professor at the University of Michigan, to make a claim to the U.S. District Court in San Francisco that, by his estimates, EA has collectively overcharged Madden customers between $701 million and $926 million in the years spanning 2006 to 2009. Read More


Analyst: Price Cut Could 'Significantly Impact' 360 Sales

Should rumors of a further price cut come to pass, then one analyst feels that the effort will slow Sony's momentum in the marketplace. "We expect MSFT to cut its lowest priced sku to $199, its mid-priced sku to $299, and its high-end sku to $399. If we are correct, it would position the Xbox 360's low-end sku as the lowest priced next-gen console (below Nintendo's Wii for the 1st time). Its high-end sku would be price-comparable to Sony's new $399 PS3 sku." "When MSFT cut prices on the Xbox 360 in Aug '07, total unit sales increased ~35% that month vs. its prior 7-month average in the U.S. acc. to NPD (though the release of Madden NFL 08 in the same month likely had impact). Overall, consoles have seen an average unit increase of ~53% in the month of/after a price cut." "We believe any cut from MSFT aims to slow Sony's momentum before first-party PS3 releases in 2H'08 such as LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, SOCOM, and others. MSFT has a decent slate w/Gears of War 2 as well as short-lived exclusivity for Rock Band 2 in late Sept. Sony is unlikely to cut in response, though, in the unlikely event that PS3 sales significantly slow, Sony might have to reassess." -- Ben Schachter, UBS analyst To those who haven't picked a side yet, and perhaps are saving towards one of these bad-boys: Would a price-cut on Xbox 360 make you opt for it over Sony's monolith? Or is there enough going on over in Homeland that would keep you on course for the PlayStation experience? Read More


Xbox 360: 10 Million Sold in US, and 12 Million Live Members Worldwide

Oh, yay, more numbers. Guess it's only fair... Microsoft brought word today that they have sold 10 million units in the US, "making it the first current-generation gaming console to break the 10 million mark in the U.S." That number is to consumers, by the way, and that apparently makes them the winner. "Reaching an installed base of 10 million consoles in the U.S. is a significant achievement and an essential milestone on the road to market leadership," said Billy Pidgeon, research manager at IDC. "This year will be the largest in the history of the video game industry, with Xbox 360 leading the charge in the U.S. and abroad," added Don Mattrick, senior vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. "History has shown us that the first company to reach 10 million in console sales wins the generation battle. We are uniquely positioned to set a new benchmark for the industry." Read More