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Max Payne 3  - 1099792

Max Payne: the story so far

Max Payne 3 is chambered and ready to fire, but before the final chapter hits us like a 50 cal round to the temple here is a refresher of what’s happened to the noir detective up to now. Read More

Crysis 2 Screenshot - 866947

Crysis 2 vs. Rage

In 2011, two shooter heavyweights go to head to head; id Software's RAGE and Crytek's Crysis 2. id are the veritable granddaddy of the first person s Read More


MDK Returns After Ten Years Of No Murder, Death Or Killing

Those gamers who have been following BioWare since the early days may well remember a little game by the name of MDK2. It was a bizarre action adventure featuring a man with a sniper rifle as a hat, a six-legged robot dog and a mad scientist as playable characters. Now, thanks to Interplay and Beamdog, it's back. Hit the jump for more. Read More