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Mabinogi offers a robust, online universe where people can experience all facets of fantasy life from fighting to harvesting. The game’s radiant 3-D graphics are infused with an art style based in Celtic and Welsh mythology, which also gives Mabinogi its name and foundation. Mabinogi provides a new experience with its variety of gameplay, unique combat system, and orderly time element and age component, to provide additional depth to Nexon’s latest free-to-play offering. In addition to traditional MMO features—challenging adventures, exciting group quests and a plethora of fearsome monsters—Mabinogi offers a much fuller “life” for its players. Players can increase experience by taking jobs, such as cooking, shearing sheep or other farming duties. The game’s unique music program allows users to write and share music in MIDI formatted files. Players even have the option of getting married, so don’t be surprised if married life leads to some cooking and dungeon raiding whenever the urge strikes the two of you!

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In the past week, I have learned how to fight effectively with a sword, how to shear a sheep for wool, to chop wood, to sew a shirt from raw materials, play the lute, compose my own songs, and catch and cook a fish. What sounds like an extremely busy week, was really all in a days work in the colorful, online world of Mabinogi. Mabinogi is yet another fantastic free-to-play MMO from Nexon. Mabinogi is not a traditional MMORPG such as World of Warcraft or Everquest. It is a more casual experience that lets the player live out their lives in any fashion they want. When I created my spiky-haired character, my attention was immediately drawn to a section which had me pick my age. You can start off by playing as a kid, but for new players it is recommended to start as a 17-year-old because... Read Review

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