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With boots of speed on your feet, an infinite supply of bullets for your semi-automatic and the ability to jump over twice your own height, you're well equipped to go up against any enemy on your quest to reach Lovely Planet! Balance between jumping around dodging bullets and taking aim for a better shot at your enemies, don't waste time camping at cover spots and waiting for enemies to pop out - artfully evade the onslaught of bullets and defeat all baddies that stand in your way! 

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Beneath Lovely Planet’s adorable rainbow world lies a hellish challenge only Fatal1ty and Cliff Bleszinski could love. Sure, the premise of a shooter hidden within Katamari Damacy-esque graphics is a cute idea, but the FPS within isn’t just some mindless shoot ‘em up. This is a hardcore PC shooter that demands a mouse and keyboard, quick reaction time, and sharp aim the way arena shooters like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament did. It’s not what I expected, not what I was looking for, and not something I expected to get so addicted to. The game is presented as a series of brief time trials where you have to shoot all of the enemies and make it to a flagpole as fast as possible. You're graded based on accuracy and time, and awarded a three star score. The... Read Review

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