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Beneath Lovely Planet’s adorable rainbow world lies a hellish challenge only Fatal1ty and Cliff Bleszinski could love. Sure, the premise of a shooter hidden within Katamari Damacy-esque graphics is a cute idea, but the FPS within isn’t just some mindless shoot ‘em up. This is a hardcore PC shooter that demands a mouse and keyboard, quick reaction time, and sharp aim the way... Read Review

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The Undergarden Review

The Undergarden Review

Atari's been describing their own The Undergarden as a "palate cleanser" to be played in between more traditional titles, and that doesn't strike me as a very positive way to portray your own game. Even if you accept that unfortunate label, it's hard not to admit that there are other games that do it better. The Undergarden, out now on PC, PSN and XBLA, can be described as equally both gorgeous and misleading. Its technicolor aesthetic and unsettlingly cute characters will evoke thoughts of Flower, Little Big Planet, and even visually opposite but equally arresting titles like Limbo and The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom. These comparisons are obvious, but inept, because The Undergarden is simply not on the same level as many of those games. Hit the jump to find out why. Read More

Nintendo Download - 11/23/09: Download New BIT.TRIP Kicks, Speeding Karts, Magic Castles and More

Nintendo Download - 11/23/09: Download New BIT.TRIP Kicks, Speeding Karts, Magic Castles and More

I knew Nintendo loves me. You can thank me later, since you guys get to reap the benefits, too. In all seriousness, the original Super Mario Kart is now available on the Virtual Console for 800 Wii Points, just as promised. What more needs to be said? Well, maybe that in most circumstances, such a title would be all that we get on Virtual Console for the week, but not this time; it is joined by the original NES title A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia for 500 Wii Points as well. WiiWare is BIT.TRIPping with VOID for 600 Wii Points, while Harvest Moon: My Little Shop commands 1,200, the rather vague Little Tournament Over Yonder for 800, and a rare EC-rated game for 500 in Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1. Finally, DSiWare has plenty to choose from, though five are Electroplankton titles at 200 DSi Points a pop. Those are accompanied by myNotebook: Blue, also 200, and Gameloft's Castle Of Magic for 500. Check out the press release after the cut for more details on each title. Read More