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Steve Wiebe Regains Donkey Kong World Record

Washington-state school teacher, former employee of Boeing, and world famous everyman, Steve Wiebe, has regained the world record in the classic arcade game from Nintendo, Donkey Kong. Score verification website Twin Galaxies confirmed a recorded session of Donkey Kong where Wiebe outscored Billy Mitchell by  1,700 points. The new record now stands at 1,064,500. Of course, the battle between Mitchell and Wiebe became world-renowned when the film King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters released in 2007. The film documented the trials and tribulations of Wiebe as he attempted to prove that his Donkey Kong high score was legit. By the end of the film Wiebe had regained the high score that he had lost to Mitchell.  Read More


Dual Portal 2 Trailers Will Send You Reeling

The autumn gaming season, when gamers are hit with an overwhelming deluge of great titles, is fast approaching, but Valve doesn't want you to forget about a little game that's dropping in early 2011. That's why they've been kind enough to release not one, but two Portal 2 trailers for your viewing pleasure. Watch the video above, then hit the jump for the co-op gameplay trailer. Read More


Borderlands DLC Gives Title Reasons to Never Be Traded-in

Nothing ensures a game's lasting success like extended, post-release content made available to the masses. Burnout Paradise is certainly the best example of DLC keeping a game away from becoming available for purchase on the used market. More than a year after release, the game was seeing fresh content. Borderlands is wisely following suit... Read More