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Dead Island Isn't Afraid to Make Zombies out of Children

Dead Island, unlike RAGE, is a game I heard about for the first time this very day. Similar to RAGE, though, Dead Island also got a brand new trailer today. And in the vein of past TV spots for games like Gears of War and Lost Odyssey, the Dead Island video juxtaposes a haunting song over a contrasting scene. What it makes is a great video - much like watching that old Lost Odyssey trailer makes me want to go back and actually finish that game, the Dead Island trailer makes me want to sink my teeth into the zombie island adventure much like the creatures in the video sink their teeth into an innocent little girl. It's after the break. Go ahead and click. Read More


Premium Art Book For Etrian Odyssey III Pre-Orders

Atlus is well-known for their cool pack-in bonuses with their games. There's been plush toys, art books, soundtrack CDs and all manner of other goodies. Fans who pre-order Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City won't be left out either. Forests of Eternity is a 60 page full-color art book featuring designs and sketches from the entire Etrian Odyssey series. Find out more, and see some example pics, after the jump. Read More


Final Fantasy XIII Requires 3 Discs on the 360

Perhaps one the most pointless debates gaming has seen this generation concerns the number discs each game requires. While Sony fanboys poke fun at the 360's occasional need for multiple discs, and Microsoft loyalists respond with asinine comments of their own, the rather simple yet unanswered question remains... Who cares?! Alright, with that out of the way, Square-Enix USA has confirmed speculation regarding the number of discs the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will require. As expected, that number is three, while Sony's Blu-ray format is capable of storing all of the information on a single disc. Kotaku makes an interesting observation. While Microsoft exclusives like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon shipped on four discs, the outcry was virtually non-existent; however, now that we've got a game that concerns both the PS3 and 360, suddenly the need to swap discs has become an inconvenience. Mind-boggling, I know. Read More


Mistwalker's 'Last Story' to be Developed for the Wii

'Last Story' sounds a lot like 'Final Fantasy', no? Pretty fitting title for the creator behind the most popular role-playing series. Now the boss for developer Mistwalker, Hironobu Sakaguchi has put forth two titles on Microsoft's console with little success. First, Xbox gamers were treated with the lackluster Blue Dragon and then Lost Odyssey, an improvement, but not 'Final Fantasy' quality. However, it looks like Sakaguchi is returning to Nintendo's platform in hopes of re-igniting his influence on the role-playing genre. Currently dubbed 'Last Story', Mistwalker's latest creation will be a colloaboration between Nintendo and Sakaguchi's team. Let's hope this legendary developer finds his footing on the Wii. The gaming world is certainly big enough for another JRPG that can hold its own and provide something refreshingly new. Be sure to check out the game's teaser site. Read More


Feelgood Working on "Large-Scale RPG" for Microsoft

While the sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan look like the punchline of some overly-elaborate joke, that hasn't stopped Microsoft from continuing their attempts to establish a niche of their own in the eastern marketplace. The latest buzz comes from a classified listing on the Japanese job site DODA. It is there that AQ Interactive subsidiary Feelplus Inc. announced that it is working on a "large scale RPG for Microsoft" in an ad for a "Game Designer [3D motion, etc]", though Kotaku says the two are not necessarily related. Previous works of Feelgood include Mistwalker, Lost Odyssey (pictured), Blue Dragon Plus, and Ninety-Nine Nights II. Read More


New Title from Mistwalker to be Announced Sometime Next Year

Remember when Sakaguchi announced he was opening his own development studio and everyone got really excited? How about when his two major projects - Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey - were complete disappointments. Yeah, me too. Sakaguchi and everyone else at Mistwalker definitely have a bit of work ahead of them if they hope to regain the trust of RPG fans. Perhaps the next game from the famed Final Fantasy creator will do just that. His new unnamed project was set to be announced this year, but for some reason, Sakaguchi has decided to wait. "I was planning to announce my new project within this year but it's a little late. Sorry about that. I imagine announcement will be starting around next spring," he said. "I'm concentrating on creating something really good! I am working on condensing valuable time of my short life and the valuable energy of my staff without any regrets." Let's hope the final product is a reflection of that. As for details regarding this mystery title, it "makes tactical use of 'confusion and order on the battlefield' in real time." Whatever that means. Read More


Media: First No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Trailer

Marvelous Interactive shocked many Nintendo fanboys when it was announced that they would be porting the Wii classic No More Heroes to the PS3 and Xbox 360 in No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise. Now, we get the game's first trailer. Interestingly enough, the trailer reveals that feelPlus, best-known for their work on the 360-exclusive RPG Lost Odyssey, will be handling development of the port. The game will also apparently feature Japanese voiceovers, eschewing the all-English voice tracks of the original. The game is set for release in Japan this February. We'll keep you abreast (sorry) if Ubisoft decides to bring this to the States. Read More


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker English Voice Cast Confirmed

Konami this week announced on the official Metal Gear podcast the English voice cast for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. The cast is full of veteran actors of videogames including the Metal Gear series. The trailer shown for Peace Walker at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show – one of the biggest there, was the first to really focus on the plot (and still didn't reveal too many details). In that pursuit it revealed a lot of new characters along with the Japanese cast for the game. Now, the English cast for those characters has been confirmed. The 102nd episode of the Kojima Productions Report devoted its middle section to naming and describing these voice actors. Almost all of them come from the usual pool of relatively well-known English video game voices. Read More