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Adventure games are back and in full force, and the latest game in the genre, Lost Horizon, showcases how a modern adventure title should be made.Lost Horizon stars a charming smuggler turned adventurer named Fenton Paddock. Developer Deep Silver sure liked Indiana Jones and the persona of Han Solo because a little bit of both can be found in Fenton. Even the title screen is a movie theater,... Read Review

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Lost Horizon review

Adventure games are back and in full force, and the latest game in the genre, Lost Horizon, showcases how a modern adventure title should be made.Los Read More


The Geometry Wars Are Over

Citizens can come out of their bunkers as we have reports that the Geometry Wars, which have been raging for over a half-decade, have come to an end. A cease fire was called for yesterday, with Generals Tetrahedron and Parallelogram ordering their troops to lay down their arms and return to their barracks. In the ensuing disarmament only a single, claw-shaped ship remains unaccounted for. While both sides state confidently that this is a mere accounting error, there are whispers that perhaps this lone-wolf fighter has gone rogue. Get the full report after the break. Read More


Premium Art Book For Etrian Odyssey III Pre-Orders

Atlus is well-known for their cool pack-in bonuses with their games. There's been plush toys, art books, soundtrack CDs and all manner of other goodies. Fans who pre-order Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City won't be left out either. Forests of Eternity is a 60 page full-color art book featuring designs and sketches from the entire Etrian Odyssey series. Find out more, and see some example pics, after the jump. Read More


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 unleash date October 26th

In honor of today's holiday, Intergalactic Star Wars Status Day (also called "May the 4th be with you), LucasArts has announced via a Facebook status update the release date for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. SW:TFU2, which is still too long to type even as an acronym, will tear apart the Republic and bring balance to the Force on October 26th. Read More


Final Fantasy XIII Producer: "No Plans for Blu-ray Demo Outside of Japan"

"Japan gets all the good stuff" is a mantra which has been carried across the lips of many a gamer, anime fan, and so on over the years. And it may yet still hold true for Final Fantasy fans today. Last month's release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete on Blu-ray in Japan saw those who purchased the movie also receive a playable demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. And with a similar release on the horizon for the West, surely the demo would follow... right? Read More


Console Wars

Console Wars Is the PS3 superior? by Bobby Shen Lett it? It is the best machine because it has more features and value for the money. Before I contin Read More



THE END OF EGM by Bobby Shen Electronic Gaming Monthly closes for good. The dust has settled. EGM is gone. The magazine closed in early January when Read More


Could Brütal Legend Be Published By EA? -- John Riccitiello Comments

Recently, Activision merged with Sierra. In the process of this merger, several games where put out to pasture, as a cost cutting measure. Brütal Legend was among one of the more prominent titles released. Since the game is being helmed by Tim Schafer of Grim Fandango and Psychonauts fame, it was a forgone conclusion that they would find another publisher. One of the primary rumors centered around the game finding a snug new home at Electronic Arts. Gamasutra had the chance to sit down with EA's CEO John Riccitiello and discuss this very topic:EA's apparent development of a progressive attitude toward unexpected titles has fueled rumors that the publisher might pick up Double Fine's odd – but fan-favorite – heavy metal action anthem Brutal Legend, dropped in the shuffle of Activision's merger with Vivendi. "I have seen it," says Riccitiello. "I am well aware of what the game is. It's a very significant creative risk." And though EA's CEO won't offer specific comments on whether or not the company has plans for the title, he adds, "Sometimes significant creative risks end up being some of the world's best products. Spore was also a significant creative risk. So was The Sims. Portal, BioShock. But so was [the relatively poor-selling, if critically acclaimed] Grim Fandango" The latter, like Brutal Legend, was designed by Tim Schafer -- a connection surely not lost on Riccitiello. -- GamasutraWhile that is far from a confirmation, it sounds like there may be a more conclusive announcement on the horizon. I just hope the game finds a publisher that will let Tim Schafer do what he does best, make hilarious games. After all, EA has enough money lying around to take a risk or two every once and a while. Read More