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Lords of the Realm III Cheats

Cheat Mode

Unlock PC
Hold Up + X + B + R + Start at the title screen until the screen fades. Unlimited energy will be available during the game. Press Start + Select during game play to jump to the next level.

Instant Castle

Unlock PC
To receive a castle instantly, type "nazis on parade" while playing.

Free Items

Unlock PC
Do this during game play: This cheat is a bug in the game. First save almost all of the money that you can during the game. When you have over 35,000 crowns, trade with the Merchant. Then just buy ANYTHING YOU WANT, but you must spend OVER 35000. Now you will gain back your money and still get all of the Items that you buy.
Begin game play and build a castle using 3 tons of wood and 5 tons of stone. After the castle is completed, extend the boundaries with a few extra walls, a gatehouse, and a moat. Select "End Design" and immediately demolish the castle before it is built to access 65,000 tons of stone and wood.

Extra Gold

Unlock PC
Wait for a merchant to appear, then sell 100 stone four times, and buy 2,000 of each weapon. The gold total will increase instead of decreasing. Note: Do not purchase more than 2,500 of each weapon or money will be lost.