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In this psychological survival adventure, the masked protagonist must escape from a city ravaged by disease, by any means necessary. Starving and exhausted, he has begun to question how much of what he sees is even real. A new kind of adventure where the choice of how to survive is up to you. Sneak through without firing a single shot, or kill everything in your path. Eat and sleep well, or resort to drugs to keep going. Search for survivors, or try to escape the city alone. Look after your mental health, or descend into madness. Lone Survivor is a game where your choices genuinely matter.

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The state of survival horror games is pretty bad right now. When you have games that are supposed to be scary failing to deliver and relying solely on jump scares, you know the genre's in trouble. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with jump scares — because any sane person loves a good one every now and then — there's something truly magnificent and beautiful about a good tension-inducing scare. Lone Survivor is a great example of this. Developed by Jasper Byrne, the man behind Superflat Games who also brought us the splendid and damn near perfect Soul Brother, Lone Survivor is all about madness and tension. You play as the survivor of a horrible outbreak that has turned what seems like the entire population into mutant creatures. Stuck in your... Read Review

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