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Spelunker HD Screenshot - 818671

Spelunker HD Review

Some retro remakes are no-brainers. Bionic Commando, Galaga, and even Lode Runner all possessed a certain charm that made them obvious candidates for Read More


Runner Remake for 800 Points is a Lode of Bull

Gamers who were in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace yesterday were delighted to find that its newest addition, Lode Runner, had been priced at a mere 800 Billy Bucks, versus the 1200 stated prior to release (not to mention on Microsoft's website). This thrilled many an Xbox fan, as they felt that 1200 was too much for such a title, but were happily willing to reconsider their purchase plans in light of the 400 point reduction. However, it was not to be. Major Nelson posted on his blog that 800 was, in fact, incorrect. He added that it has since been corrected, with a reply in his comments that those who got it on the cheap were "lucky." As you can imagine, that didn't go over so well, especially with those who wound up paying 400 points more than their luckier peers. You can read over the Major's comments section, and see the elation turn to displeasure and anguish just after the green-framed post here. Read More


Media: Lode Runner Trailer

We learned on Monday that today would be the last day of Microsoft's current "Days of Arcade," and would close out with Tozai Games and SouthEnd Interactive's remake of Lode Runner. Now, the game is up and ready for some oldschool action, and there's a brand-spanking new trailer available to show off what the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the blockbuster title has to offer: Read More


Lode Runner's Return Marks the End of Xbox LIVE's Days of Arcade

Lode Runner... now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Truth be told, I've never played Lode Runner; it was one of those games that would usually be at the rental store (back when video game rentals seemed more affordable and viable), the sort that I would say "maybe I'll get it next time," except something else more interesting (to me, anyway) usually came along instead. But now, it looks like I'm getting a second chance to try out that game I passed over all those years ago. And not in your straight Virtual Console port sort of way, either. Read More


OFLC Rates R-Type Dimensions for XBLA

Looks like the OFLC, the same Australian ratings board which couldn't keep a lid on Mega Man 9, has spoiled another publisher's plans of secrecy as it has rated another yet-unannounced game by the name of R-Type Dimensions for Xbox Live Arcade. From what we can gather, the game is being published by Microsoft themselves, and not title creators Irem, who recently released R-Type Tactics to the PSP. The game is being developed by Tozai Inc, who are also currently working on the fantastic looking 'Lode Runner' for Xbox Live Arcade. Will it be a new version of R-Type, or a variation of a previous title? It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Surprising how the Xbox 360 has become the platform of choice for these kinds of games. -- Ryan Langley, GamerBytes Yes, surprising indeed... come on, WiiWare! Get a move on! And you, PSN! What's your excuse? Read More