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Hitting store shelves in October 2009,

Lips: Number One Hits Review

While the SingStar franchise has been tearing up the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 for a few years now, Xbox 360 owners didn’t get their first official karaoke title until Lips hit the system last year. The game was a fine addition to the genre, but had a few drawbacks to keep it from being a true classic. Now, eleven months after that title shipped, Microsoft has released the follow-up, Lips: Number One Hits. Unfortunately, Lips: Number One Hits doesn’t really offer much new to fans of the first game. In fact, this is almost exactly the same game as the first game, albeit with a new set list and a few minor added features. While hardcore fans of the original game who were able to see through its flaws might not might the modest upgrades and enjoy themselves, those who... Read Review

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